Haleem Adil Sheikh raps PPP rulers for stealing water of poor farmers

The Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly and PTI leader, Haleem Adil Sheikh has come down hard on the PPP rulers of Sindh for diverting the flows of irrigation water towards the lands of the party leaders by depriving the farmers and people of various districts of Sindh even of drinking water. Sheikh during his visits to various irrigation outlets in Tando Allahyar, Tando Mohammad Khan and Badin districts, spoke to the media persons and held the PPP leaders responsible for the worst water crisis mainly due to mismanagement , nepotism and massive corrupt practices by the irrigation and Sida officials. He said that irrigation and Sida officials were only acting upon the directions of the powerful PPP leaders and were only interested in irrigating the orchards and agriculture farms by them by stopping water flows to poor farmers and growers. He said that it was the height of political victimization to book PTI leader and eminent lawyer of Sindh, Mr Ali Palh in a false and fabricated case after he had raised his voice over the stealing of the share of poor farmers in Tando Allahyar district a few days back.

” Advocate Palh was implicated in the case on the concocted and fabricated charges of an irrigation official after he had exposed Ms Faryal Talpur that how they were stealing water from the irrigation channels without any rotation system” he added and warned the PPP rulers in Sindh to stop unleashing the reign of terror on poor people, who had been on the roads to register their peaceful protest against the nagging artificial water shortage in various canals of the province particularly in lower parts of Sindh.

Mr Sheikh alleged that whatever waster was in the system was being only diverted towards the lands of PPP leaders and their cronies and people in number of the districts were forced to drink the contaminated water. ” This is crude joke and crime with people to deprive of them of drinking water at the time when farmlands of Asif Ali Zardari and his cronies were being irrigated with enough water” he added and said that it criminal act to release water in the flood canals in Badin and Tando Mohammad Khan districts. Mr Shikek said that Sida officials had spent a huge amount on erecting the blockages in Phuleli Canal near Matli town to divert the flows of water towards the lands of PPP leaders in the command area of Sukkur barrage. He observed that it was a grave injustice with people of Badin district to stop their due share of the waters in different canals and said that officials were minting money in the name of desilting the canals and outlets. Mr Shiekh termed Sida as the white elephant, which according to him, was allowed to exist to plunder the public wealth and to deprive the farmers of their due share of water.

The PTI leader assured the farmers and growers of Badin district of their full support in their ongoing struggle against the excesses being committed by Sida and irrigation officials. He said that the hired spokesperson of Zardari and his cronies were crying hoarse over natural water shortage in the rivers across the country and were duping the gullible people by issing the baseless and wrong information regarding the flows of water in the rivers and canals across the country. Mr Shiek deplored the fact PPP rulers in Sindh were least interested to fortify the weak breached points of the canals in drains in the districts, which torrential last year had played havoc with crops and human settlements were washed away by gushing waters from breached dykes. He warned the rulers to move into action to fortify the weak and breached dykes and embankments of irrigation canals and drains including Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOd) which had caused massive devastation and destruction in Badin, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas and Tharparkar last year.

He said the allegations of the Sindh government about vaccines are shameful. He said all coronavirus vaccines to Sindh were being supplied by the federal government. He said the Sindh government has not spent even a single rupee from the Rs15 billion Covid fund and has not given any relief to the masses.

Mr Sheikh said the PPP government was using police against its political opponents. He said drugs are being openly sold in Sindh and the future of the new generation was at stake. Haleem Adil said that they had demanded a population census afresh. He said we do not want division of Sindh. He said Bahria Town is the project of Asif Zardari for which the Sindh government allotted lands for peanuts. He said to divert attention from the daku Raj and selling of villages to Bahria Town, the PPP rulers had started a drama of water shortage.Advocate Ali Palh said on the occasion that the Sindh irrigation minister Suhail Anwar Siyay and Faryal Talpur started a vendetta against him when he had made a video of water theft from irrigation canals . He said in the PPP government even drivers and cooks were made SDOs and grade 11 officials were given posts of grade 18. He said the PPP had devastated Sindh and Bilawal had no right to plead the case of Sindh by hoodwinking the people for political point scoring.

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