PPP lawmakers, leaders join the demonstration to protest against water crisis in Sindh

PPP lawmakers, leaders join the demonstration to protest against water crisis in Sindh

The large number of the PPP workers and farmers from different areas of Badin district on Saturday gathered in Badin town where they staged the demonstration outside Badin Press Club after marching on different roads to register their protest against the nagging water crisis in the district. MPA Taj Mohammad Mallah, MPA Dada Mohammad Halepoto, MPA Ms Tanzila Qambrani, ,the special assistant to chief minister Sindh, Pir Noorullash Quraishi, Javed Nayab Leghari, Aajiz Dhamrah, Rab Nawaz Baloch, Haji Sain Bux Jamali, Mohammad Aslam Rahu, Pir Amjad Ali Siddiqui, Haji Mohammad Ramzan Chandio and other leaders of the protesters, speaking to the media accused both the functionaries of Irsa and federal government of stealing the water of Sindh’s share from different link canals in Punjab.

They claimed that the entire province was being deprived of its due share of irrigation water allegedly on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cronies, who according to them, wanted to push Sindh towards backwardness. They deplored the fact that not only farmers were getting required water for the crop cultivation, the people living in the tail-end areas of the coastal districts of Sindh were also being deprived of water for the drinking purpose.

They said that water shortage had already caused the massive sea erosion and the thousands of acres of agricultural lands had been already devoured by sea intrusion. The PPP leaders asked PTI leadership and the high-ups of Irsa to mend their ways and stop treating people of Sindh as step-children of the state.

The PPP leaders without naming federal minister Dr Fehmida Mirza said that she had been tight-lipped over the excesses being committed by the federal government with Sindh just to save her chair, adding they asked her to raise her voice when the entire district was in ruins due to the terrible water crisis. They said that some people ‘rejected’ by the people of Sindh were still conspiring against the interests of Sindh and its people by joining hands with naive and incompetet ‘selected’ rulers.

The PPP leaders said that people of Sindh would outright reject such elements, who were sitting crossed -legged over the plight of people. They said that their party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had taken up the water issue at all forums in a very bold manner and would continue to fight for the usurped rights of Sindh and smaller federating units.

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