Train Hadsa Today in Ghotki Status Update Phone Number

Train Hadsa Today

Latest update from Ghotki train hadsa today is here and you can also use the following phone number to reach out the authorities and get to know about the passengers, injured, dead bodies and which hospitals they are taken to. The scene is still very chaotic and news is coming in.

حادثے کی معلومات کے لیے ان نمبروں پر رابطہ کرکے معلومات حاصل کی جاسکتی ہیں۔ فیصل آباد 041-9200488، اے او فیصل آباد0333-4805996، راولپنڈی 051-9270834، کراچی کینٹ عیسیٰ زرداری 0331-2706334، خرم 0300-3754200، روہڑی اور سکھر 071-5813433، 071-9310087 ۔

Millat Express train which was going from Karachi to Sarghodha got derailed at Dharki, which is a remote town of district Ghotki. The train then went to wrong track and then collided with another train Sir Syed Express train which was coming from Rawalpindi. The phone number of Raiti railway station is very busy and no one is picking up. This is the station where accident occurred. Railway minister helpline is also unresponsive and their officials are not really helping out.

It seems that the whole department of railway has derailed. The train was overloaded and the other causes of accident are lack of track maintenance, signal issues and older engines. Also the negligence of Railway minister of PTI is legendary now as he simply doesn’t care. Khawaja Saad Rafique, the previous minister was personally trying to fix things, but this government is simply ignorant and incompetent. This is not the first time it has happened and unfortunately doesn’t look like it will be the last.

People in Pakistan are waking up to this terrible news. Passengers of Millat and Sir Syed are still trapped inside the train and rescue efforts have just started. Locals of the area were the first to reach and they are trying whatever they can to help. 50 people have already died and countless are injured. Between 15 to 20 passengers are still trapped in the wreckage of the Millat Express train and authorities are trying to arrange heavy machinery to rescue those people who are crying for help.

Sadiqabad railway station is also on high alert. Ghotiki and Dharki hospitals are also on high alert. Hospitals in the area have been put on emergency alert to deal with the casualties. But these hospitals are very ill-equipped to cater to such emergency. 


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