Malik Riaz – An Unsung Hero of Pakistan

Malik Riaz is an unsung hero of Pakistan or should I call him a fallen angel? Everyone on media condemns him for bribes and yet in the same breath they accuse that Malik Riaz gives lifafas to the journalists on both print and electronic media. That’s the epitome of Pakistani hypocrisy.

This blog post is not about defending Malik Riaz or proving that he has done nothing wrong. Rather, I am going to openly say that he might be the most corrupt person of Pakistan but that is not the reason why media hates him. The reason why media hates him is because they envy him. He is who has excelled in what it takes to be successful in Pakistan. He represents the very fabric of our society which thrives on lies, deceit and greasing the palms where needed. 

The only difference between others and Malik Riaz is that he has mastered this trade of oiling the cogs. He himself has said publicly that he is successful because he knows how to put wheels under the files. He has been doing that for decades now and not only has made himself rich but also has shared his wealth with politicians, anchorpersons, media house owners, bureaucrats, military officials, ambassadors, businessmen and even the common man on the street.

Yes he has helped elevate millions of common people in Pakistan and that is why I call him an unsung hero. Go to any Bahria Town and majority of houses belong to common middle class of Pakistan who are enjoying a world class colony with all the amenities unthinkable in rest of the country. Bahria Town was getting uninterrupted power when rest of Pakistan was engulfed in load-shedding. Bahria Town was having fast and reliable Internet in every home when rest of us were still in dial up mode. From shopping to business, and from recreation to entertainment; Bahria Town herald a new era in the country.

Outside of  Bahria, Malik Riaz is one of the biggest donors in Pakistan. He has been running free meals services in various cities. He has been giving monthly stipends to hundreds of families across country. He has been instrumental whenever there is tragedy. The  man may be evil in your eyes, but for many he is like a Robin hood. Truth be spoken there is no other way to be successful in Pakistan if you don’t do what Malik Riaz has done. I want to be like Malik Riaz and I have no shame in saying that.

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