Call Boy Job Vacancy in Dubai UAE Saudi Qatar

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If you are searching for call boy job vacancy in Dubai UAE Saudi Qatar or Bahrain or even in Oman then you are in luck as there are so many jobs available out there. Especially for Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Filipino boys the opportunities are limitless and the pay rate is good too.

One of the reason why call boy jobs are so many in Dubai is because there is dearth of men and boys and besides they prefer the Russian and other white girls. Also there is this factor of ethnicity which is quite exotic for the people living there. If you are an expat and want to do that as a side Hussle then its very easy and online and safe too. But consent is extremely important plus you must respect the local laws and taboos. You have to respect the wishes and aspiration of other party too.

Make sure you don’t make any assumptions and you don’t jump to the judgements and the conclusions. It’s very important that you realize that this job is not for everyone and not everyone is looking for call boys out there. May be restaurants and cafes and shopping malls of Dubai are good picking places and you would find the customers easily but sometimes it’s very hard and you have to just remain patient and make sure that you don’t loose hope and heart and you stick to it.

Also make sure you are safe and secure all the time. Make sure you don’t go out there harping about such stuff which is not there. Don’t try to be over-excited and don’t over-stretch yourself. Again make sure that you share your mobile number securely. There are various call boy mobile number out there but not all of them are genuine so you have to be very careful. I have also seen some of the people making scam out of it but that’s the part of the game and goes without saying that do your won due diligence.

Last but not least make sure that you don’t get greedy. Just make some regular clientele and stick to it. Make sure that you don’t just trust anyone out there as this world is a dangerous place for both boys and girls alike. Make sure that you are saving your money as sun doesn’t always shine and you need to make hay while sun shines. I know that the glitter and glamour of things can get you enticed so easily and you could get distracted by the new gadgets and things so easily but you have to show self restrain.


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