Haleem Adil Sheikh lauds the third budget presented by PTI govt

Haleem Adil Sheikh, the central vice president of PTI and the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly has hoped that various projects and reforms announced during the fiscal budget for 2021 and 2022 would bring great relief for the common people of the country. Mr Sheikh in a press statement issued to media persons on Friday said that despite various challenges and difficult times due to Covid pandemic the annual budget presented by federal government was very balanced and the different projects announced by federal government would usher in a new era of propensity and progress under the able leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said that it was Imran Khan, who had steered the country out of the severe crisis, which was created by the previous corrupt governments. Mr Sheikh said that the third budget of the PTI government was being praised by the economists and those sitting in the stock exchanges. The PTI leader said that the economy of the country was put on the right track by curbing the corrupt practices and by taking actions against those involved in the loot and plunder. Mr Sheikh thanked the federal government for earmarking the huge funds of Rs 19.5 billion as a special grant for different development schemes of 14 districts of Sindh and said that it was also a great move to make concerted and sincere efforts to complete the construction of Hyderabad – Sukkur Motorway by earmarking the required funds.

He said that small farmers and the people having small industrial units had also been given the incentives. Mr Sheikh thanked the federal government for announcing Rs 8.5 billion for Karachi Transformation Plan adding he said that despite the current situations the increase in salaries by ten percent was also a great decision. He corroborated the claims of Finance Minister Mr Shoukat Tareen that the budget would be a great step towards a prosperous Pakistan and the welfare state as was envisioned by founding fathers.

The PTI leader claimed that the budget presented by Mr Tareen would easily be passed despite the dirty politics of the opposition parties. Mr Adil said that the prime minister and his team had already revolutionized the agriculture sector and record production of the various commodities was a testimony of the reforms introduced by the government. He said that the PTI leadership instead of taking the loans believed in promoting the avenues to provide ample opportunities for the common people to earn their livelihood in a dignified manner.

He said that huge tax collection by the government was itself a great achievement of the honest leadership adding he said that their party chief wanted to uplift the country utilizing the local sorceresses. ” The special focus by PTI government to promote tourism and to combat the terrible impacts of climate change are great initiatives,” he said, adding that giving importance to such issues during the fiscal budget was a great step for the federal government.

The PTI leader also lashed out at Sindh irrigation minister Suhail Anwar Siyal for speaking lies with regard to the water flows in Indus river and said that Mr Siyal despite the great improvement in the flows of water had been issuing the baseless statements to create bias and hatred among the people of federating units. He said that PTI government did not believe in discrimination and had treated all provinces all alike. ” We don’t believe in dirty politics pitting the people of one province against that of another” he added. He said that PTI leadership would foil all such attempts to create hatred and bigotry among the federating units for the vested interests.

He asked the provincial minister to mend his ways and ensure the just and judicious water distribution among the landowners and farmers of all the districts. He alleged that over [past few years Mr Siyal had amassed the wealth by plundering the public money and built a palatial palace adding he claimed PPP rulers and ministers were only interested to pocket the public money and left people groaning under the worst conditions. ” It is good to offer prayers for the bounteous rainfalls but there is also a need to offer prayers for the eradication of the rampant corruption in Sindh ” he added. He said that there was also a need to pray for getting rid of the rulers, who had done nothing for dying Thari kids and were least interested in exterminating the stray dogs, which were biting the people of Sindh.

Mr Sheikh also expressed his deep concerns over the poor health facilities for the people in all government hospitals across the province and said that it was nothing but an injustice not to provide the ambulances to shift the dead bodies and serious patients to teaching hospitals from health unitts of Sindh. He said that the Sindh government had miserably failed to provide any relief to the people of the province.

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