Who is Majeed Niazi who Abused Bilawal in Parliament

If you want to know who really Majeed Niazi is who abused Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in the parliament by calling him ‘Billo Rani’ and calling him names then watch this video which will tell you who exactly he is. Not only he is the MNA of PTI from Layyah, he is more than that.

NA 187 Election result 2018 was not only surprising for the people of that halqa, it was also extremely surprising for this lowlife Majeed Niazi who had won it. Without any political acumen or credentials, he was the beneficiary of proven and legendary RTS rigging of that election. By distributing motorcycles and money among the people and by hook and crook, he had won the elections and has never done a thing there as he knows that he could win again if rigging is on his side.

Majeed Niazi also knows that in PTI he who abuses the  most gets popular and become apple of the eye of Imran Khan Niazi, the head  honcho of PTI. Majeed believes that he has so many examples in front of him where people have risen the ranks within PTI as they abused others verbally and physically. The latest and recent example is of Firdous Aashiq Awan who slapped another MPA of PPP in a live program and she has no remorse at all. The list is long if you start counting within PTI.

And this is nothing new for this Majeed Niazi. In 2019, he also had attacked another Ex Minister Punjab & MPA Ahmed Ali Aulakh who then went into serious condition whose ribs & backbones badly broken by Majeed Niazi. Majeed is said to have been Imran Khan’s close friend and then he became the PTI MNA. Imran Khan also publicly abused Aulakh by spewing naked filth in-front of government Officers. So Majeed took the cue and then attacked him and earned praise.

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