PTI Reject Sindh Budget Ask PPP To Stop Loot and Plunder

PTI leaders reject Sindh budget and ask PPP rulers to stop loot and plunder

Mr Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly after the budget speech presented by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, spoke to media persons and said that the chief minister Sindh by presenting the fiscal budget committed the contempt of the court. ” Seth Younis Memon should have presented the fiscal documents on the floor of the house in the light of the remarks made by the Chief Justice of Pakistan” he added and sarcastically said that Mr Shah was just acting as a manager to manage things and make money for Asif Ali Zadari, Bilawal Bhutto and their cronies.

He claimed that currently the actual ruler of Sindh was Mr Memon, who was pulling the string of the puppet rulers of Sindh from Canada. Mr Sheikh said that he, his fellow PTI MPAs, their allies and other opposition lawmakers before and after the presentation of the budget had outright rejected the budget by registering their protest on the floor of the house. . “This was why we registered our peaceful protest during the session by raising slogans and carrying banners and placards” he added.

Mr Adil said that he had requested Speaker Agha Siraj Durani not allow him to present the fiscal budget but his request was turned down by Mr Durrani which too was the ‘content’ of the court’ The PTI leader claimed that their decision to register the peaceful protest during the session was their democratic right to expose the corrupt and wicked rulers of Sindh, who according to him. Mr Shekh claimed the rulers had crossed all the limits of the loot and plunder and caused the widespread destruction and devastation everywhere.

The Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Mr Haleem Adil Sheikh talking to the media persons before the budget session within the premises of Sindh Assembly said that the PPP rulers in Sindh received Rs 7,880 billion from the federal government over past 13 years but had done nothing for the people of the province. Speaking to the media persons on the fiscal budget for the years of 2021 and 2022 of the Sindh government, he said that PPP rulers only spent around Rs 1,600 billion on different so-called development schemes.

Mr Sheikh, who is also the central vice president of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI), said that Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, had been holding the keys of Sindh’s treasure for the past 13 years. was only interested in pleasing his masters by greasing their palms. ” Murad Shah over past 13 years had plundered the public money of Sindh mercilessly” he added and asked him to stop crying over the schemes announced by the Imran Khan-led Federal government for Sindh during the current fiscal budget.

He said that the budget presented by Mr Shah was nothing but the jugglery of the words to hoodwink the people of the people adding Mr Sheikh claimed the current budget of Rs 1,400 billion would not bring any relief for the people of the province, since Sindh’s rulers had never shown mercy on the impoverished people of Sindh. He said that he was not expecting any good from present rulers of Sindh, who according to him, were only involved in the massive corrupt practices.

The PTI leader said that, according to the report of the Planning and Development Department, 44 percent of the public money which was meant for the development and public welfare schemes were misappropriated and embezzled, while during the past five years the Sindh government had spent Rs 707 billion on the so-called projects. Mr Sheikh alleged that a report issued by the auditor general Sindh detected that Rs 957 were misappropriated by the Sindh government during the past 10 years. He said that the same report revealed that the huge amount Rs 1,400 was embezzled by the Sindh government so far.

Mr Sheikh revealed that rulers committed the massive corruption of Rs 222 billion during 2018 and in 2019 and similarly during 2020 the corrupt rulers had blackened their hands by looting Rs 282 billion. The PTI leader noted with great concern that every year the graph of corruption by PPP rulers kept rising and people were being pushed towards abject poverty, misrule and the massive crisis. Mr Sheikh deplored that despite the huge budgetary allocation, the entire province was in ruins and people had been forced to live in subhuman conditions. He said that Larkana district had become infamous for the rampant cases of HIV virus, infants were dying in Tharparkar owing to hunger and diseases and people of the desert district after failing to get any relief from the government were committing suicides.”

The PPP rulers to divert the attention of the people from lawlessness, terrible lack of the basic healthcare facilities in hospitals, the unavailability of drinking water, unabated dog bite cases have preferred to dance on the roads claiming that water of Sindh’s share was being stolen by other province” he added asked the PPP leaders and rulers of Sindh to pay their attention towards the people who were protesting for safe drinking water in different localities of Karachi.

The PTI leader said that the PPP government did not bother to renovate and construct the gutters in Karachi, which, according to him, might play havoc in the wake of the predicted heavy rainfalls during upcoming monsoon season. He warned of the dire consequences and the strong backlash from the people of Karachi if their areas were inundated and submerged by water from choked and damaged gutters in various areas. He reiterated that functionaries of the Sindh government had not bothered to construct as many as 38 gutters of the city, which could again wreak havoc in case of more rainfalls this year. Mr Sheikh said that PPP rulers were just interested in the development in Bilawal House, Chief minister House and to please cabinet members and owners of Omni Group.

He said that on one hand rural Sindh was facing the worst devastation and destruction while on the other they had turned big cities like Karachi into heaps of garbage and filth. The PTI leader observed that rulers had no concern that people of Thar had to travel miles to fetch water after all waterworks including costly RO plants installed by same corrupt rulers had ceased to function long ago. The entire coastal belt of Sindh had been in the worst conditions and the children of the poor people were falling prey to stray dogs across the province.”

The breached and weak points of the drains and irrigation canals may again play havoc with in number of the districts of the province which were hit badly last year during the monsoon rainfalls” he said and lashed out at the rulers for doing nothing to do for the sustainable solution for such chronic issues of the province. ” The farmers and growers are not being provided with their due share of water for the crop cultivation and the flow of water of their share is being diverted to irrigate the lands of Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and their cronies, henchmen and PPP leaders ” he remarked.

Mr Adil said that the remarks of Chief Justice of Pakistan during the hearings in Karachi Registry were a charge-sheet for corrupt and incompetent rulers of Sindh. He claimed that remarks by the honorable Chief Justice were enough to lend credence to their accusations against the corrupt rulers of Sindh adding he said that Murad Ali Shah was the responsible for the mess and dirt, which according to him, had accumulated in every nook and corner of the province.

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