Why Judges Need Summer Vacations in Pakistan?

Why Judges Need Summer Vacations in Pakistan

With all due respect to the honorable judges of all the courts in Pakistan; Respected sirs and madams why exactly do you need summer vacation? I mean with such a huge colossal backlog of cases which are pending for generations why judges need summer vacations in Pakistan?

With 200,000 pending cases alone in LHC, a 50% daily leftover with a working strength of only 65%; depleting it further by 25% for 2 months just to continue a rotten colonial legacy is ridiculous. In any other world people with a slight conscience would have been working overtime. I believe that Apex court should review the system by itself and make necessary amends. I know that their line of work is tough but then every work is tough.

Then there is this point of view, “You don’t even know the system so know before you question they don’t go for holidays for whole three months rather every justice get 15 days and so the benches or cases are scheduled accordingly. Courts continue to works so are the “judge sahibaan”.” Now I am not saying that judges take 3 months of vacations like school kids but when they have annual leaves then why the summer vacations?

The system of vacations is a legacy of colonial rule. A practice introduced by the British in India to allow their judges ample time to travel home (UK) and back. The situation as the country is facing demands that courts should do away with such long vacations. Also please know that judges do carry on working in holidays, The supreme court judges return to their parent High courts and carry on working there. They don’t just go home and enjoy summer.

Judges should’ve their own personal holiday quota which they could book at any time through out the year individually so that the courts are not close n running through out the year like the rest of the world. Other than summer vacation,these judges leave the courts on Friday afternoon for their native place and return on Monday afternoon. They also take leave to three times a year.

This law is from colonial time, when gora sahib liked to have vacation in London and not in hot weather. Having all the luxuries and amenities along with perks of having Airconditioned court rooms and cars and all paid while the plaintiffs wait in scorching heat outside the court rooms just and all they hear is next date. Still out honourable judges need vacations (that too paid). Gora Sahib can’t stand the heat of Pakistan and will spend the summer in their home, England.

If they go on summer holidays then there should be an arrangement in place to occupy their positions so that continued justice system keep functioning. This is the problem when institutions are not accountable and decide their own affairs and benefits.

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