ARRESTED – Khan Ali Hyderabadi Tiktoker

ARRESTED - Khan Ali Hyderabadi Tiktoker

Duppatta police Khan Ali Hyderabadi tiktoker has been arrested by the Police after lots of hue and cry on the social media. It seems that Lahore is emitting news after news these days. First that scandal of Mufti Aziz ur Rehman and now this tiktoker arrest underlines the impact of social media in Pakistan.

Velle Loog Khan Ali was literally harassing the girls, women and kids on the streets and roads of Lahore. Profile of Khan Ali is full of followers and likes and its quite surprising that people would see and praise such a sick person. He was literally touching the girls in public and asking them to cover themselves up. His moral policing was just an excuse to get more followers. Ali Khan ak is just an idiot through and through. I am at loss how come he was able to go scot free for such a long time.

Khan Ali basically represents such a huge chucnk of our wretched society. This is clearly harassment in the name of “pranks” not funny at all and completely disgusting wtf is this. You just see the videos and you would say, “he’s touching her? touching her stuff? screaming at her ??? harass karke end mein kaho prank hai,”. This is height of stupidity. Good on Lahore police to arrest this cheapsters. He should be made an example for others so that people stop following him.

He is actually right on his side, that’s the problem of every Pakistani. Listen he saying i am Pakistan and Muslim you will have to wear dopata. Oh dur fitay mounh… and this is collective sentiment. I’m not sure but a lot of these videos are staged. You need to check the comments under that video. People are supporting him for what he’s doing. It’s quite sad to see that.

That’s what I have been saying for long time but it’s no was taking action as action only will be taken when someone with thousands of followers tweets about it.. there are many like him insulting families on the name of prank in Pakistan. From Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan. This is totally disgusting stopping women in corner of road and forcing them like this. Humor is not dead its extremist ideas which he is trying to propagate in the garb of humor.

This is totally disgusting & wrong on so many levels but most of these pranks are staged. Everyone in video usually follow an already defined script. Reporting the channel and publicly shaming prankster is the only option because even if it is staged people see & people follow. I reported the account for harassment. What crap! Kids watch such videos and replicate it in real life. A kid once cycled passed me saying aurton ko dupatta sar per lena chahiye. This nation is obsessed with fetishizing and controlling the mere existence of women.


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