History and Full Story of Mufti Aziz ur Rehman

History and Full Story of Mufti Aziz ur Rehman

Everyone in Lahore Cantt who used to visit the religious school frequently knew about Mufti Aziz’s gay streaks and nature. Whether being gay is bad or not is not the discussion here but the very fact that Mufti Aziz ur Rehman is an Islamic scholar and in Islam the sodomy is a huge sin with grave punishment. Mufti Aziz scandal and viral video has shook Pakistan.

Another reason of country-wide shock and protest is that these Mufti’s spare no chance to make life hell for the common people especially women and minorities. Now look at the video of Mufti Aziz and that boy and you would be surprised at that stud as how he was enjoying the work in hand and how that sting operation was conducted. From nowhere  in the video it looks as the Mufti was intoxicated and was under the influence of any drugs. It was pretty clear that it was all consensual and he was thoroughly enjoying the booty.

He has the guts to shamelessly confess molestation & blame the video release on Madrassa politics – as if he did nothing wrong! Waiting for religious leaders to condemn this & take action or lose whatever credibility they may have left. I will never forget the day when Mashal Khan was accused of death and stoned to death for his innocence but today Mufti AzizurRehman says Im still clean Mulahs are not punished because they are special soldiers of the international and national elite.

It’s high time for the government and education ministry to ensure strict monitoring of seminaries, universities, colleges and school campuses through CCTVs and formulate necessary legislations to ensure that every institution abides by it. Zia ul Haq is responsible for all this. we are listening these stories since 80s. But really this needs to stop now.

The thing that hurts here is they are doing this on the name of Allah in the house of Allah. So where is the outrage by the mullahs against mufti azizur rehman ? Is hamam mein sab nange hain. Pakistani mullahs/men are the lowest of the low. They are literally TRASH!!! These scums need to be wiped out for the betterment of humankind. There is a grave danger of life of the victim. Government or Judiciary should order for his protection immediately.

Despite the evidence, the fact that no case has been registered against the mufti shows that the proponents of Lot’s deeds hold high positions. When the big so-called mufti raises his hand for prayer, the voice is loud saying that “we are a big black and a wicked person”, they are actually telling the truth. This man seriously needs to be locked up for life. Can you just imagine how many children’s lived he has ruined. Controlling the expletives coming to mind. May he rot and burn in hell.

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