Cinepax Centaurus Islamabad Movie Schedule Today

Cinepax Centaurus Islamabad Movie Schedule Today

Here is latest and updated Cinepax Centaurus Islamabad Movie Schedule Today. Discount and movie vouchers and free coupon is also available. There are few conditions around but they are not that harsh and if you are a regular or member then you should be good.

Mandviwalla Entertainment have really become a big name in Pakistani cinema industry which has been dormant for a long time now. This new enterprise, together with the company’s owned and operated theatres, manage and market to some of the most influential audience in Pakistan. They not only show the Pakistani production but they also import movies from India and Turkey. The movie list is long and is being upgraded all the time. It is to be noted that due to Covid there are some restrictions these days.

The Atrium Cinemas, Karachi and Centaurus Cineplex, Islamabad have bcome a prime attraction for the citizens of both countries. They are providing much needed entertainment in the stifled Pakistani society. They are the market leaders in their respective territories and supply outstanding contributions to each of the major film distributors. The revival of Pakistani cinema is much needed as we are entering into new times where we need to step in with the world for nightlife.

They may look new but they have got a history. They are proudly backed by legacy the old traditional Pakistani cinema. The company’s first theatre Nishat Cinema, Karachi was among the oldest and most notable for generations in Karachi while DHA Cinema, Lahore which was converted and managed by Mandivwalla Entertainment revived the cinema going culture in recent times. One hopes that they would keep their quality up and make it more vibrant.

Way to go.

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