Aladin Park Demolition Nasla Tower Real Story

The social price of Aladin Park demolition is quite high. This is such a huge loss and a dent in our already down economy. How will we ever be able to overcome it? More than 2000 people have lost their jobs, their only livelihood. It directly translates into more than 10,000 families losing their everything and becoming homeless and below poverty line.

The most beautiful sports club of karachi Pavilion Club is under demolishment due to the the orders of Supreme court. It’s the safe place for kids and women. We demand to save this. It’s very sad to see that suddenly court give order to demolish a legal entertaining park , it’s really strange that how supreme court made a one sided decision even without a hearing. The decision of demolishing Aladin Shopping Mall, Amusement Park and Pavilion End Club is causing an uproar because a large number of people’s livelihood is attached to it. 

What is your opinion about the Aladin Park and Pavillion End Club? Poor people need Aladin park and there’s no need for this decision I guess. Cz Aladin provides a better entertainment for both low and the middle class people that no other park can. So what the 315 shopkeepers and 700 support staff will do without this park? Aladin provided millions of people a safe outlet for recreation and relaxing, while KMCs parks are neither maintained nor safe.

First Karachi zoo, and then this?? Why take away a safe place. This is also injustice with 2000+ Employees who works there for their Families. Sad to know about the demolition of Aladin park, there could be a better solution to regularise the construction as it’s the most reasonable picnic point for the lower middle class. Aladin Park is source of income for many people out there how is it a good decision? The Supreme Court ordered the local administration to demolish the Pavilion End Club located within the confines of Aladin Amusement Park in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

25 years in service was this park. It’s a life time. It made me sad intensively when I heard supreme court’s decision about demolition of park I wonder why government and courts instead of making such wonderful places are demolishing them please show some mercy on people they hardly have few places to get some rest.

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