Veerji Kolhi celebrates Father’s Day with his father and mother

Veerji Kolhi celebrates Father's Day with his father and mother

Advocate Veerji Kolhi , the Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh on human rights department traveled all the way from Karachi to his remote village Dhana Gam in Parkar region of Tharparkar district with the sole intention to celebrate World Father Day with his father to pay him respect and honour. Jagdesh Kolhi ,who is the proud father of Veerji in his late sixties.

Raised both his daughter PPP Senator Krishna Kumari Kolhi who is lovingly called as Kishoo Bai and son Advocate Veerji by working as a low-paid peasant along with his wife Ms Manu Kolhi. Jagdesh Kolhi talking to pknama said that he was proud to have kids like Kishoo Bai and Veerji, who never felt ashamed by introducing themselves as the siblings of a farmer, who faced a very hard life for years . He said that both were insisting him to live with them either at Karachi or in Islamabad but he did not think to leave the serene atmosphere of the village. “

I am a simple hari/ farmer and want to live a simple life with my villagers here within the dancing peacocks and herds of sheep, cows and goats” he added and pleaded that how a simple Thari can leave his heartland when it is raining in Thar. The aged Jagdesh Kolhi with traditional Thari turban on his head said that he his wife despite living very miserable life in a private jail of a landlord in Kunri area of Umerkot district when both Kishoo Bai and Veerji were still pursuing their studies, never lost courage or hope that one day his both son and daughter would earn so much fame and name by taking active part first in politics and by defending the human rights in their remote and backward area. ” Veerji from his school days was true champion of the high human values and believed that one day he will achieve his goal to get a better position to defend the rights of poor and downtrodden” he added and said that he was a proud that now his son was looking after the ministry on human rights in Sindh very actively and effectively . He said that he still believed that his talented son would do marvels in true politics and would continue to serve the people of Thar, Sindh and the rest of the country with more enthusiasm. He said that he was regretting the fact that he could not educate two other daughters to poverty, bonded life and the frequent migration from one area to another in search of livelihood.

Veerji Kolhi said that he was lucky enough to have both parents with him in the same village in their old house with sound health when the entire world was celebrating the special day to pay respect to their fathers. ” Whatever I am today is because of the unwavering determination, courage and hard life of my father and because of the prayers and love of my mother,” he added. Advocate Kolhi said that he was so lucky that when he arrived to spend the day with his father in a pure calm rural atmosphere their joys were doubled and the area was drenched with heavy downpours. Veerji said that it was a matter of great pleasure for their family members and villagers that construction work on the road linking their remote village with the hilly town of Nagarparkar was also undertaken after Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah had sanctioned the mega project on his request.

He said that with the construction of this road, tourism would get a great promotion and boost one of the most attractive parts of Tharparkar with beautiful hills, big green pastures and ancient temple of Churio. ” It was a distant dream of everybody living in such a remote village to have road access to the hilly town and beyond ,” he added and requested the people to respect and honour their parents by spending as much time as they could. Mr Kolhi, however, refused to talk about his very hard life, his jail term, his bonded life and the hard long struggle he had launched for the usurped human rights of the people of Thar and rest of Sindh, saying that now it was his duty to protect the rights of others and respect the elders and to create a conducive atmosphere at his village, area and Thar.

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