Huge blast at Hafiz Saeed’s residence in Lahore

Media is reporting about a huge blast at the Lahore residence of Hafiz Saeed. Early on it was reported that the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) had arrested Hafiz Muhammad Saeed while he was going to Gujranwala  from Lahore. Now this blast news has spread like wildfire.

The TV channels are reporting that there might be causalities and police has still yet to reach the location of incident. Some are saying that the cause of blast is gas cylinder and some are saying that it’s forces operation and some are saying that it’s just yet another terrorist attack. Some are saying that some explosives was inside which as blasted and there is no certain news coming out of it so confusion is everywhere, even in the media.

He was on his way to Gujranwala to  file a bail plea in  a case   when the  CTD detained him. Hafiz Saeed had many cases registered against him in several police stations. A spokesman for the CTD said Hafiz Saeed has been sent on judicial remand after being presented in an Anti-Terrorism Court. He confirmed that Saeed was going to Gujranwala to get pre-arrest bail at the time of his arrest. He said a case against Hafiz Saeed was registered under Anti-Terrorism act and he would be produced before the court shortly after challan is prepared.

It was not blast on Hafiz house, it was just gas pipeline blast in Johar town. So all good.

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