Hindu Boy Teekam Kolhi Converts to Islam

Hindu Boy Teekam Kolhi Converts to Islam

The SSP Badin, Shabbir Ahmed Sethar strongly reacting over ‘suspicious viral video clip’ has made it clear that no Hindu girl was abducted from any part of the district.

Mr Sethar said that a young Hindu boy Teekam Kolhi from Kadhan town of Badin district few days back converted to Islam at the hand of the local cleric and was renamed as Tanweer Ahmed . The teams of Badin police took the boy into their custody on the court orders and produced him in the district and sessions court where the boy was allowed to live as free life” he added and said that after the decision of the court the female relatives in the court premises raised hue and cry in the court and insisted him to go with them. Mr Sethar said that the boy refused flatly to change the decision of the conversion and the judges on the request of the lawyers of the complainants again summoned the boy and his relatives on June 28.

The SSP added that after the fresh false claims by certain people on social media that a 13-year-old-Hindu had been abducted from Badin, he directed the police officials to take the boy into police custody to ensure his protection adding he said that boy had been with police officials and was still refusing to go to parents.

We, however, will again produce the convert Tanweer aka Teekam Kolhi in the court for his statement to dispel the doubts by certain elements that he was kidnapped and was forced to concert. Me Sethar shared the fresh statement of Teko in which he said that after converting he would never go to his parents instead want to carry on with his Islamic studies.

Mr Sethar requested the people to avoid spreading such baseless rumours to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the district. The relatives claimed as per record of his school he was born on 2-2-2010 was lured by some clercs to convert to Islam.

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