Haleem Adil Sheikh Roars Again

Haleem Adil Sheikh Roars Again

Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly has said that now corrupt rulers of Sindh will not be allowed to plunder the public funds by muzzling their voice on the floor of the house and asked Speaker Sindh Assembly to be impartial during ongoing budget session Speaking to the news conference within the premises of Sindh Assembly along GDA parliamentary leader Barrister Hasnain Mirza and Bilal Ghaffar of PTI parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly, asked Agha Siraj Durani to act wisely and allow all members of the house to speak during the budget session.

Mr Sheikh, who is also the central leader of PTI, said that under a conspiracy the members from the opposition parties were not being allowed to speak on the floor of the house to present their viewpoint on the budget presented by the Sindh government. Mr Sheikh said that corrupt chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on the directions of PPP leadership had hatched the conspiracy to create ruckus in Sindh Assembly during speeches of the key leaders from the opposition parties. He said that the leaders of PTI, MQM-P, GDA and other members of the opposition parties were deprived of their right to speak and seek explanations from the Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and his cabinet members adding he warned of the dire consequences if they were not allowed to speak on the floor of the house.

Mr Sheikh said that their members attended the sessions and patiently heard the speeches of PPP lawmakers and hoped the same from Speaker Agha Siraj Durani to give them the same opportunity on today( Friday). He made it clear that they had every right to reject the false figures of the budget , which according to him, was another gimmick to hoodwink people of the province adding he said that PTI lawmakers and other opponents would never allow Syed Murad Shah to hide behind the ruling of the speaker. Mr Sheikh has asked every member of the house to speak on the annual budget document since they got chance once in a year adding he said that they would resist such moves if they were not allowed their democratic right to speak. He made it clear that they would try their best to deliver their speeches to expose the corrupt rulers, adding he said that they were not allowed to set the stage for speaking and exposing the corrupt rulers everywhere to speak out. Mr Sheikh said that Syed Murad Ali Shah, who had broken all the past records of the corrupt practices, was trying to get the fiscal budget passed without allowing the leaders of the opposition parties to speak on the floor of Sindh Assembly by pressuring Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durani to prorogue the session .”

It looks that Mr Durani is not also free in conducting the proceedings of the house and he is being forced to run the house as per whims of Murad Ali Shah and his masters like Seth Younis Memon” he added and said that leaders of the opposition parties also wanted get the Speaker freed from the yolk of top PPP leaders. Mr Sheikh said that though the budget presented by corrupt Chief Minister Sindh, was nothing but jugglery of the words but nevertheless they wanted to voiced their concerns by making their speeches in a cordial atmosphere. It is a basic democratic right to ask the rulers about the allocations of the funds on different schemes and to inform the people of the people about the ill-intention of corrupt PPP rulers to commit the banditry again on the public funds meant for the development schemes of the province. The PTI leader said that Murad Ali Shah had overtaken the charge of the office of the speaker of Sindh Assembly adding he said that they found chief minister Sindh in the chamber of the speaker after the session was suspended for ten minutes.

Mr Sheikh said that they would never allow Murad Ali Shah and cronies to run away without seeking the explanation from them on the budgetary allocations despite the fact they had no plans and good intentions to do something better for the people of Sindh. The PTI warned that they would besiege Chief Minister House if the budget was passed without allowing them to speak on the budget. He said that some puppets created the ruckus due to which the Speaker had to adjourn the session on Thursday. They warned Mr Durrani to be neutral in running the proceedings of the house else they warned to register their vigorous protest in a manner that the people would forget the chaotic situation recently witnessed in Balochistan Assembly. Mr Haleem asked Mr Durrani not to force them to resort to register their protest violently adding he advised him to take prudent decisions without ducking under the pressure by PPP leaders.

He said that if the budget was forced on the people of the province they would resist such moves in every nook and corner of the country and would also challenge it in the apex court of the country. The GDA leader Barrister Hasnain Mirza speaking during the news conference observed that after December 27 D when Ms Banazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday was the second blackest day in the recent history of the country when they were not allowed to speak on the floor of the house under a conspiracy to deprive them to voice their concerns to against the malpractices and to express their apprehensions on various other issues of Sindh and the recently presented budget. He said that PPP rulers had violated the rules of the house and termed that PPP rulers had written a black history during the session on June 24.

He warned that it would be very tragic for the democratic dispensation if the lawmakers from opposition parties were not allowed to speak and take part in the debate on the budget session. Mr Mirza said that they were not allowed to speak them when they tried to speak against the Bahria Town Karachi adding he appealed the people of Sindh join them to get rid such incompetent and corrupt rulers, who were even muzzling their representatives to speak on the floor of the house. He said that people of the province would never tolerate such undemocratic actions to keep elected representatives from talking on the sensitive issues like the annual fiscal budget.

Mr Haleem Adil Sheikh on the legal notice: He said that he had leveled the serious allegations against the PPP minister and lawmakers from upper parts of Sindh, said that he tried to expose the influential persons after visiting the troubled area. He said that he had prepared the detailed report and sent to the high-ups of party leaders to the office of Prime Minister Imran Khan after spending days in the troubled areas. He said that he had met the heirs of the nine victims from Chachar community, who were gunned in tragic tribal bloodbath adding he said that he had also me with the aggrieved family members of police constables, who were also killed by bandits being patronized and harboured by PPP leaders

Mr Sheikh said that he was ready to face legal notice sent to him by provincial minister Mir Shabbir Ahmed Bijarani through his lawyer Mr Sheikh said that neither he was afraid of such notices nor direct threats by the criminals elements sitting in the parliaments. He said that some miscreants and outlaws were allowed to stage demonstrations within the premises of Sindh Assembly after he had exposed the PPP minister with solid proof.

The PTI leader said that after his speech in which he had exposed the outlaws had infuriated certain people with a criminal mindset. He said that it was proven that those sitting in the Sindh Assembly were involved in criminal activities.. He said that now it would be very easy for him to further expose those elements, who were involved in the criminal activities and were patronizing the hardened criminals in the palaces.

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