Full Story of Anis Iqbal Profile and Purse Snatching History

Full Story of Anis Iqbal Profile and Purse Snatching History

Rawalpindi Police has arrested Anis Iqbal after the video of purse snatching incident went viral on the social media from the girl. It’s such a heart-wrenching video that I had to grit my teeth to watch it as I couldn’t bear seeing such brutality from Anis Iqbal on his motorcycle. 

Anis Iqbal is barely 18 and a dropout from the school. He lives in old city of Rawalpindi near Murree Road and roams his bike whole day in search of soft targets like girls and women from whom he could snatch the purse, mobile phones and other valuables. He is also said to have been an addict and has been disowned by his family. Anis has been doing such nefarious acts since the age of 15 on the same bike and this is the first time he has been caught courtesy CCTV cameras.

Many thanks Rawalpindi Police. Thank God that this person was caught. Now the police should give them severe punishments from the court by imposing provisions like street crimes, harassment, robbery and mischief on earth. The way this girl fallen on the thorny road has shaken me so hard and broken my heart while tears gone out of my eyes so painfully. Teach him such a lesson that it becomes a lesson for all others who has such intentions. He must be made an example for others.

Specially the way police fired on his arm and claimed he fired at the police instead.. Solid move! That shall add to many criminal counts in his FIR.. He’s not coming out for at least 5-6 years. Your sisters & daughters will be really proud to be in the province duly looked after by a “ Kohatian”. This swift action by @ahsanpsp boys have made every one in police force proud . Immediate and stern punishment will further the effort. Well done PUNJAB POLICE.

We all are proud that under your guidance and direction the crime rate all over the province is dropping. De-rooting the thana culture and presenting the police as a friendly figure has also decreased the fear of citizens. As per Pakistan law for how long he will be put behind bars and what are the chances that he will be changed and what other charges will add up to this current snatching. What about the loss i mean her phone is broken. Will the Govt fulfill her loss. Just a suggestion to curb the street crimes. Many bikers mostly Afghanis and local pindi boys are riding the bikes with ownership documents. This is just like another black market. One can get the bike in 10000 without any documents. Strict action must be taken against un-documented bike.

Well done Rawalpindi Police for arresting this criminal who snatched the purse of your sister in the street. I am sure you will be able to keep him away from our streets and behind the bars for a long time. Sir, we are very grateful for the kind appreciation. Rawalpindi Police is committed to serve its citizens. Insha Allah, under your command we will ensure professional investigation and seek conviction from Court of Law. But at the same time corruption in police should be checked too.

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