Who is Dr Moazzam Mahmood Niazi Profile and Full Story

Who is Dr Moazzam Mahmood Niazi Profile and Full Story

Let’s take a serious look at who actually Moazzam Mahmood Niazi is and why he is sort of get’s popularity on the social media in Pakistan. He is actually not new here and was present even before the prevalence of social media. I have seen his ads and statements in the local newspapers all the time.

He introduces himself in these words on social media:

Great Scientist Dermatologist & Diet Specialist Doctor & Chairman political Party Pakistan Aman League And Chief Excutive Niazi Chemical Industry PVT (LTD)

Well, you can argue that the spellings of Executive are wrong in above description but I have just copied what he has written. May be it’s the limitation of characters or something or may be he has invented a new word, who knows and who really cares as we are here just to see what the man has to offer. Dr. Moazzam Mahmood Niazi is now running spaces on Twitter and according to one user, “First time Twitter crashed and a downtime of five minutes were observed. This was caused due to the traffic in our space where Dr Moazzam Niazi shared his views. Official traffic was 1278 acs max”.

Dr. Moazzam these days is after current PTI government and this is the latest news from him, “Great Scientist Chairman Pakistan Aman League Future Prime Minister of Pakistan Dr.Moazzam Mahmood Khan Niazi Expose Imran Khan Tabdelee”. He was doing the same during PMLN era and before that PPP era. I am not sure where he was during Musharraf era but may be my memory is bit weak.  Anyway, he has been blasting successive governments without any differentiation for a long time.

He is unmarried if that’s a quality you are looking for in your future Prime Minister. He boasts that unlike the current selected PM Imran Niazi, Moazzam Niazi is unmarried and he doesn’t intend to marry three times with different girls of different inclinations to get it right. He says that he also has broken the world record of loosing weight which is far bigger achievement than winning the cricket world cup of 1992 which was a team effort anyway and was pure luck.

Moazzam Niazi Fan club is huge and growing day by day in every nook and corner of Pakistan. Even overseas Pakistanis are not taking notices and Moazzam Niazi is eyeing some funding from these expats. He maintains that if these expats can trust a crook like Imran Niazi then it’s only the different of first name. He also says that he has a colorful personality and aims high. His fans are begging him in these words, “Sir we all are with you, please start the campaign as soon as possible. Sky is the limit”.

I think the politics and politicians are dead anyway in Pakistan, so why not give Moazzam Niazi a chance.

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