Hareem Shah Marriage Husband Photos and Video

Hareem Shah husband name has been revealed. Yes he is a politician and yes he is a member of parliament and yes he is very wealthy. But hey he is not Sheikh Rasheed. He is not even from Punjab or from KPK. He is a Sindhi feudal who is a member of Sindh assembly for sometime and this seat remains in his family. Hareem Shah Marriage Husband Photos and Video on whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook are available.

Talking to, Hareem Shah confirmed the marriage and said that she was married to a PPP member of Sindh Assembly. However, Hareem Shah declined to name her husband for the time being. Hareem Shah said that she would soon inform the fans about her husband’s name and marriage details. Recently, Hareem Shah also shared a photo of his hands on Instagram and thanked God. Hareem Shah friend Sandal Khattak also confirmed the wedding and she said that Mehndi photos were also available.

Hareem also confirmed the news on her Instagram account and she vividly wrote “Alhamdulillah” in the caption of the photo. She also posted a video but then deleted it. Hareem Shah the famous Tiktok star did not specify whether the person holding the hand was her husband or someone else. This post was later deleted from Hareem’s account. I am not sure about the reason why it was deleted. May be it was the pressure of her feudal husband or their family.

Hareem Shah divorce from her first marriage is also being discussed in the media. It is to be noted that earlier a foreign website related to Hareem Shah had claimed that he was already married to his cousin who also has a daughter of Hareem. However, Hareem Shah said this in a conversation with the media and denied and said this is their first marriage. Anyway, pknama congratulate the couple for the wedding and hope them well. May be Hareem would now enter into politics. And no Mufti Qavi didn’t perform the Nikah ceremony for Hareem.

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