So What If Zulfi Bukhari Met with Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen

Zulfi Bukhari Met with Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen

So what if Zulfi Bukhari or anyone from Pakistan has met with anyone in Israel? Yossi Cohen is now ex-chief of Mossad as he stepped down few days back. Mossad is the premier intelligence agency of Israel just like Pakistan has ISI, US has CIA, Russia has KGB, and India has RAW. According to the Israeli media Zulfi Bukhari met with Mossad chief Yossi Cohen last November.

I know there is lots of hue and cry on Pakistani social media about this covert meeting as we have been programmed from our childhood to hate them. Overwhelming majority of us don’t even know where Israel is located physically. We don’t even know what exactly the history is and what our feud with them. We don’t even seem to know or digest that even UAE, Qatar and Algeria has now relations with Israel. Turkey has been Israel’s long time friend now and so is Egypt and Jordan.

What’s our problem? Why we shouldn’t be having ties with Israel? To tell you the truth, Israelis are one of the most brainiest people out there. Their technical prowess is proven beyond doubt. I know what I am about to say won’t be liked much by many but look at Israel on the map and marvel how they have been surviving among vast Muslim countries for decades. No sir, it’s just not due to US largess though it certainly has part to play. It also tells us mettle of these people.

Yes you can justifiably criticize them for their brutal treatment of Palestinians, but then they are a reality too. We must act diplomatically and open channels with them. I have worked with them abroad in UK and USA in professional capacity and I am telling you they are very professional and nice people. Yes many of ultra-orthodox ones are as crazy as some of our extremists but then we all can only be embarrassed about such characters. Let’s not make it personal and let’s grow up as nation states. 

We have much to gain by being friend of Israel rather than their adversary. Which country can survive in this world without it? Especially when it’s a country which can fall prey easily to advances of an aggressive neighbor.  Though I am also in huge favor of normalizing ties with India but seriously we have nothing against Israel at all. 

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