Young Pakistanis Immigrating to Canada

This post is about different perspectives from different people living inside or outside Canada with respect to Pakistan and Pakistanis. This doesn’t be taken as reflection on my take or this site take on Canada or its immigration. So it all started from this post by Shiza:

“I feel sad for young Pakistanis immigrating to Canada. Failed by their country, they are choosing instead a frozen, culturally barren place where their skills & experience are devalued & the racism is so subtle they often doubt themselves before they see it. I lived in Canada for four years. Studied there, worked there. I had the option of staying for a passport and chose to return instead. I don’t judge anyone for making a different choice. This tweet was a reflection on the difficult choices facing young Pakistanis. My tweet is not meant to dissuade anyone from immigrating. The many replies under my tweet will tell you that despite their struggles, people are happy with their decision. As long as you’re prepared for what awaits you, you should go build a better life especially as a woman. I never said it’s a bad place for a young person to build a life, definitely better than Pakistan. Also better than a lot of other places. But to pretend that immigrants easily find jobs and face zero racism also doesn’t acknowledge the struggles of so many.”

And then flood gates were opened:

Isn’t this a very broad generalisation? Or there is statistical evidence of what you are suggesting? Canada like all of north America and Europe is rife with racism and micro aggressions against immigrants but I think it’s really unfair to say it’s cultureless and a bad place to forge a better life with more opportunities for young people. Its a big generalization. The cases vary on person to person basis. I have known people who had left Pakistan due to lack of security and economic opportunities. Now they are settled there and are by and large happy. Your point, although I respect it, however carries less merit. I am living in Canada for over 8 years and won’t agree with most of the mentioned things. And Poutine is LOVE. Kids, come over, its a wonderful place to live in peace.

This tweet can only come from a place of elite privilege. Pakistan is not a place to live. Government is unstable, tax laws are unpredictable, issues with electricity, gas, water, sugar, wheat and so on and so forth. Pakistani youth deserve a better future may it be in Canada or Iceland. I didn’t live there but spent one year in Canada cycling the entire length from south to north. One of the most beautiful landscapes among 43 countries of my cycling. Indigenous culture is rich, ethnic diversity, hospitality, friendliness of people on the road, all amazing.

I visited many gurdwaras, stayed in the northernmost mosque of North America above Arctic circle for a months, interviewed indigenous communities, and was helped by strangers I met one the road. My experience of cycling is that Canada is the most accepting country I have visited. I am here in Canada from last 22 years Alhumdollila never had any experience of racism my children are doing great every one is welcome here I pray at my work place to me it’s the best place to live.

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