Bilawal Calls for Phone Tapping of Shah Mehmood

Let Pakistan remember that today, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of National Assembly Human Rights Committee and preacher of democratic norms and traditions, openly called for phone tapping of an elected parliamentarian. So much for fundamental rights, rule of law & democracy, says Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Even though i am not supporter of PPP policies in Sindh but doesn’t mean I would forget the traitors! You have belittled the SMBB, and its for her. SM Qureshi, it A very unfortunate fact that these Vadera mentality people have all been the same grandfathers, fathers & now them.All Laws & rules for them are for breaking & Turning to their hearts desire!.Lawmakers are or should be their tools.Hypocrisy is their precious garb!

Oh. A man who is pointing out the phone calls recordings. Why you are scared and obsessed with bilawal’s comments. Imran has already such calls so bilawal has just given reference, Murshud Sahab. Being a journalist let me comment on last episode. He tried to tease you through political gestures&being a FM you responded in an anger. Sha sahib if he is a baby in politics but you are a mature one,collectively exposed norms of parliament.

Respected qureshi sb, don’t give importance to his words as we all now he was Reading scripted speech which was always hand over to him by ppp Seniors before entering to assembly so he is only doing his job to keep ppp alive as they have vision after mohtarma. Democracy is best revenge, Bilawal never thought that this day will ever come, former member of his party showed him mirror.

Morality is needed badly for all of you, Changing parties for personal benefits and than changing again is what? Just go back and think what you have benefitted from politics and what you did for general public is here any difference before and after. The results will be surprising. That’s what party has shrinking to provincial party. Shameful to this guy just because of mother’s ill gotten will without working even for single day is cochairman. No manners and values. His syndrome speaks louder.

You are among the top performers in Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Bilawal’s comments (since he is a Parchi chairman and speaker) were in the retaliation of your stance against western media by calling them “deep pockets”

Mr. minister!! You don’t need to react on remarks made by a kid.

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