Latest Party Scene in Islamabad Lahore and Karachi

Latest Party Scene in Islamabad and Karachi

They are not sleepy and laidback cities like you would imagine. On the contrary the party scene in Islamabad and Karachi are on and kicking. The party scene in Lahore is also very vibrant and diverse. From cheap parties to the plush pool parties, the scene is on for girls and boys.

Well, I thought that everyone in Islamabad sleep by 7pm and in Karachi they do remain up until 2am but just for eating and back-biting. Well. it’s hard for the teens of Islamabad to get sober before morning routine. kids I don’t know but the legends even in Islamabad are like Lahori’s and Karachiites.. they go to sleep when normal ones gets ready for office. The most funny thing which I have watched this summer is the webseries by the burgers of Islamabad where they are talking about summer chaos. They consider everyone’s limits ,so wholesome. At a first glance, Midsummer Chaos looks like a parody of a group of teenagers from Islamabad’s affluent social class and how their seemingly ‘first world’ problems and teenage angst gets the better of them.

Director Ahmed Sarym, has said that many even made fun of the party scene in the first episode but the reality is, it was a pool party for teenagers, which usually starts around 4pm in Islamabad and goes on until 9pm so everyone can meet their curfews. Yes absolutely about teenagers using vulgar language and showing use of tobacco without a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen it yet. would like for people to have context: it is made by a teenager, about teenagers, FOR teenagers. It’s a kid’s first passion project & he is inspired by the world he grew up in. We should applaud him for chasing his dream. What were WE doing at his age? This kid was a journalist at the age of 13, & is now directing. In my opinion this is excellent parenting! Keep going Ahmed & don’t let anyone break your spirit, I see a VERY bright future ahead of you, inshallah.

Sarym, I really really want you to study film and tv, read up about cinematography waghera before you decide to show your work. Matlab I am not discouraging you, just saying what someone might not say to you otherwise. You’re 18, you have a long way ahead but this could be better. I appreciate you saying that, but to switch it up a little, I’d love if you’d watch my earlier work also. I’ve released 3 short films on the Qissa Nagri channel — Sikka, Alehdagi (Part 1) and A Twisted Tail, which I’ve written and directed. I’d love to hear what you make of em.



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