Alizeh Shah Leaked Pictures and Viral Video

Alizeh Shah Leaked Pictures and Viral Video

Hum Style Awards 2021 has shown us how bold and beautiful Pakistani actresses can be. Alizeh Shah leaked pictures and viral video from behind the stage are new look of Pakistani fashion and showbiz industry. Yes, conservative society like Pakistan is shocked but they are enjoying the photos.

alizeh shah hot viral video

alizeh shah hot viral video

Half the country is living in a parallel universe. If you want to find out who attended the Hum Style Awards 2021 and who was wearing who; then you’ll be getting all that and the fun at backstage and red carpet then checkout this post. In a society, where people are not used to such things, they get triggered by watching obscene clothing such as Alizeh Shah. Alizeh Shah’s hot photos are something cool. Alizeh Shah age and family is proud of her and she is superstar of future.

One word for alizeh shah. I use one word kanjara. And the dress which is wearing represent our society? When you tryna copy Deepika Padukone but you end up looking like a dumpster fire. When sarah khan wore one the the best dresses I have seen a Pakistani celebrity wear at an award show, she was made fun of saying she looks like she came to a walima dawat. what look were our dear celebrities going for here – paagalon ki baarat? Most of the celebs criticise the statement of PTI about short dresses. We see most of the celebs wear short dresses which promote harassment in society. A boy’s dressing is far better than the girl. And they say they have no equal rights.

Award for best dressed actress at #HumStyleAwards2021 goes to Mahira Khan From PISA awards 2020. That’s all, folks. She showed the skin on purpose but I chose to cover it for her decency, just focus on the background and think of PM khan statement, wasn’t he right about the “temptation” ? That is why PTI think that Zia ul Haq was right and that is the only way for Pakistan to move forward.

Pakistan has talented designers and our Eastern clothes are so beautiful I fail to understand why can not we promote our culture in our shows? Why are we so proud to parade half dressed? Just a thought no offence. After watching some pics of celebrities at #HumStyleAwards I must say they are not celebrities but “SLAVES of Western Culture”. They just proved  PTI right.

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