Viral Video Arshad Sharif Fight with Siddique Jan Adeel Raja

Photos and viral video Arshad Sharif fight with Siddique Jan Adeel Raja is the talk of town as whatsapp groups are abuzz with it. This is the sorry state of affairs of Pakistani journalists especially those who are in favor of government and are always on their side.

Siddique Jan was attacked by Arshad Sharif, Adeel Raja and two others in Gawadar about 5 hours ago. Arshad Sharif beat him while the other three were holding him on the floor. Some are saying that this news is fake but sources from other quarters are adamant that this happened in fact as the feud between these people has been going on for sometime. We have been hearing about the spats between these two groups for a long time now and it has now blown up.

These are probably men of their own words and victim of their own anger. really a man of his words oh my God it’s truly disgusting. If it has happened really then shame on you but without listening to the point of view of both parties, it’s unjust and wrong to just blame one party. I know that the social media group of Siddque Jan is blaming Arshad Sharif and vice versa. But if you look at it, this has become a melodrama where journalists are beating each other and making fun of themselves.

Who else is interested in watching the video of this journo fight? People are actually enjoying this height of idiocy and sharing it among themselves. I am quite surprised to see that they have stooped so low. This is absolutely unacceptable. Journalists like Arshad Sharif have egos higher than Himalyas and they need to be brought under a check. They are feeling very insecure after young journalists emerged using youtube platform. Shame on Arshad Sharif.

Fouzia says to Arshad that you were not talented enough to be a novelist, not smart enough to be a lawyer, and your hands were too shaky to perform operations, so jerk you become a thug journalist. Arshad Sharif’s attack on Siddique Jan with his team and the brutal violence is not only reprehensible but also demands stern action. This is actually quite funny because both of them have same masters and both of them are parachutes and have nothing to do with journalism.


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