Who is Usman Mirza and What Has He Done Full Video

Who is Usman Mirza and What Has He Done

Usman Mirza video and photos are available. So Who is Usman Mirza and what has he done with girl and other crimes? When State or Police Doesn’t perform his duty well , then this type of Incidents will happens daily. Everyday brings a new horror for women in this country! The hate, sense of entitlement, victim blaming, & violence is just exhausting & it’s apologists are endless. You can watch full uncut viral video here.

The evil person Usman Mirza is arrested but he may get out on bail soon because of his dirty money & contacts. My request to ICT Police hamza shafqaat to make this a test case & put ATA charges on him that he dies in prison. A Riyasat e Madina where perpetrators like Usman Mirza commit abhorring crimes with impunity and roam free but a bill for the ones subjected to such treatment needs amends and is delayed to look into further. The girl and the boy should be given compensation. 

The “Badmashi” culture in Pakistan is very old and it is being reported because of social media and authorities take action due to public pressure. Many heinous incidents go unreported therefore there is a gross need for reforms to invoke rule of law against badmashi. The low life Usman Mirza and his accomplices should be immediately arrested and brought to justice. Men like them are making Pakistan a dangerous place for women to live. From the video it seems these horrible men are habitual predators. They belong in jail.

Don’t have the stomach to share that assault clip but that #UsmanMirza lowlife & his abettors should spend the rest of their lives in jail. God knows how many others they’ve raped. Hope ICT Police takes immediate action & makes an example of him. What will happen is that the Usman Mirza trend will last for 2 days, everyone will move on to the next topic, he will be out again once the dust is settled as he has power and no one will ask. This is the sorry state of affairs.

Pakistan is filled with men like Usman Mirza. All structures of society support their existence. Now from the higest offices of the land there is brazen validation for the behaviour and actions of evils and misogynists. They all should be given an exemplary punishment. Don’t get them off the hook, they belong with him. Everyday I am more convinced that Pakistan is going downhill. When State or Police Doesn’t perform his duty well , then this type of Incidents will happens daily. 

Good that he has been arrested. Would be even better if we can see a video of him too and make that viral now. Shame on him. What a monster. Viral video of Usman Mirza should be banned too. Usman knows he’ll get bail. He knows nothing and no one can touch him.. look at the pride and arrogance in his eyes. He’s sure of his impunity. He says in a video that he’ll get out in 10-15 days which is, in clear terms, a middle finger to the state’s writ. But let’s just wait for a minister to come in and tell us that it was somehow the women’s fault.

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  1. Where is Video. I mean Khan who is tool of Taliban supports women torture. Arrest I mean Khan first.

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