Full Story of Usman Mirza and Beating of Girl and Boy

Full Story of Usman Mirza and Beating of Girl and Boy

The video of that disgusting, pathetic excuse for a man Usman Mirza should give nightmares to any self-respecting Pakistani. I call on our leaders and law enforcement personnel to Arrest Usman Mirza and set such an example that no man would even dare to think the way he behaved. Delete the videos of the girl and the man being assaulted please. There are perverted people around who take pleasure in watching such acts of violence.

This is the Monster that raped an innocent girl, tortured the couple and blackmailed them. This man deserves no mercy. DC ISB says the leaked video of assault by Usman Mirza is months old. Mirza’s fb has a post from May where he said he was about to get arrested but would get bail. He got bail for the same case and got arrested again only after a social media campaign? Nonetheless Alhumdulilah this criminal is behind bars and hopefully this will lead to critical thinking and steps to deter and curb violence against women.

The video Usman Mirza shared on FB about his arrest and possible bail is from May 27. Does not mention if the arrest he is announcing to his followers list is for the couple’s assault case. Are you sure? One cannot get arrested twice for the same case and offense unless they violate the terms of their bail leading to it’s cancellation. He must have had another case under his name and it’s quite possible that the video may have been leaked to ensure his arrest.

Very very disturbing videos, reportedly from isb, where the man in middle, some Usman, barged into the room with several man, and claimed he is armed. Usman thrashed the couple, abused them. Appalled & horrified to see those videos. I don’t have the heart to tweet about it. Please don’t share the videos. An arrest isn’t enough this time. I’m tired of these issues only being brought to light by social media vigilantism. It shouldn’t take a viral tweet for our police authorities to do their jobs.

The whole Usman Mirza incident is so disturbing, we’ve predators roaming freely among us while authorities continue to sleep until the civil society highlights the issue and force authorities to arrest them. Yet people question why women feel unsafe here? This is just a glimpse of the power of social media, we can do much more. The video of violence against a woman and a boy went viral on social media. Islamabad police immediately utilized all resources to arrest the accused Usman Mirza in a few hours, registered FiR and initiated legal action.


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  1. Imran Khan the PM supports Taliban and torture of women. He should be arrested and put in prison also along with these criminals gang.

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