Full Viral Video of Usman Mirza with Audio

Who is Usman Mirza and What Has He Done


usman mirza original video

For original full video of Usman Mirza of half an hour with girl and boy check it out here.



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8 Comments on "Full Viral Video of Usman Mirza with Audio"

  1. Usman di ka bacha | July 8, 2021 at 6:03 am | Reply

    Is ki maa ko ln kis taxi ka bacha marchd

  2. Theses bsturds must be hanged and their falies must be punished also . Lanat un maoon per Jin ki aisi khanzeer auladain hon .

  3. Send me all full videos.

  4. Must be haged soon as possible

  5. Must be hnged the gang as well soonest possible time should not delay?????

  6. Farid Uddin Ahmed | July 21, 2021 at 5:36 am | Reply

    Must be haged in public so that no one would try the act like this in future in any where.

  7. Koi isko goli ni maar skta..
    Dekhnaa ye kutta Bach jayga.

  8. Send me full video bro

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