Full Viral Video of DG Narc Lutf Ullah Niazi and Tabassum Nazir

Full Viral Video of DG Narc Lutf Ullah Niazi and Tabassum Nazir

Tis the season of viral leaked video of influential people in Pakistan. After Mufti Aziz and then Usman Mirza, today’ special is the full viral video of DG Narcotics Punjab Lutf Ullah Niazi and government college Lala Musa Mohtarma Tabassum Nazir. Here is the full video.

It’s not about the private moments and its not about interfering in someone’s privacy. It’s all about making sure that we do what is needed and what we don’t do is what we don’t. Lutf ullah Niazi DG Punjab Anti Narcotics and Advocate Tabassum Nazeer are just one example what is wrong with our society. We know that these are powerful people without any shame or thing but they have lots of clout and they have got so many links that’s its impossible to even face these people or take them to the court as they are so well connected.

I thought that Pakistanis in general are stubbornly dedicated to virtue. I always believed that we are an Islamic society and very conservative in nature. I also thought that we care about each other. I think the main issue arises from and comes into play when we consider what being virtuous means. “Be virtuous” isn’t actionable. It’s not about not getting leaked vidoes I reckon. It takes some reflecting to figure out what that would mean. Or may be I am getting it all wrong.

I know that it’s none of our  business to poke our noses in what Mr. Lutf Niazi and what Mrs. Tabassum do in their spare time behind the closed doors. But what about when a poor man does that? Have you seen the video of Usman Mirza and that couple? Could Usman Mirza do the same with Lutf Ullah Niazi? Would Niazi tolerate such behavior from Usman Mirza? It’s the country of powerful where we don’t have any say and poor is only there to get trodden down.

That is why I am so hopeless and depressed about the whole situation.

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8 Comments on "Full Viral Video of DG Narc Lutf Ullah Niazi and Tabassum Nazir"

  1. Fake hai , itna mayoos na ho. Narcotics is either ANF or falls under exicse & taxation walay. Both dont have lutf ullah niazi in them

  2. its indian video..one can see the mangal sooter around lady’s neck..

  3. Saeed Ahmad Shami | July 8, 2021 at 6:57 pm | Reply

    These people even dont pay attention that what they had done.it was their fun time and they enjoyed.simple is that for them,but as far our society is concerned it doesnt permitt us to do so.they should not have made it viral.it is regret and shame on the behalf of both.

    • I think a married woman do this act with others then no doubt to say that she is GUSHTE. If married male found in this kind of dark deeds then means he is the

  4. How pathetic of you, writing a long-ass article without confirming the news. Before lamenting others, you must look inwards, you ll figure out whats wrong with this country. Moron!

  5. I liked it.

  6. People of pakistan have short memory and their eyesight is too weak so they call it fake and its indian and those who understand they will forget soon about it

  7. Aftikhar Ahmad | July 17, 2021 at 10:17 am | Reply

    I Think The Living Long RelashionShips With Each Other

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