New Viral Video of Girl and Boy 2021 Pakistan

New Viral Video of Girl and Boy 2021 Pakistan

The new viral video of girl and boy 2021 Pakistan is available in uncut and full mode for free. You don’t have to fish through the WhatsApp groups or any other medium at social media to find that as you can get it easily without any hassle. Here is the new video.

Why on earth there is such a craze about these viral videos for the people in Pakistan? New Viral Video of Girl and Boy 2021 is new fad in the town for sure. They have no concern about the Coronavirus or their jobs or their families or their future but they are bent on finding the next viral video out there so that they can enjoy it. It’s probably the most unproductive thing they could do but they do it with gusto and they have no qualms about it. They don’t think twice about the time they already wasted in it and don’t realize the loss.

I have seen boys and girls from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and other parts of Pakistan and even from India going bonkers about such videos. They can be seen pleading with the others about such videos. I have also seen many scams running around it. Pranks are quite common too. People are even willing to pay good money to obtain such viral videos. I am sure there is a black market for that where you can get such things without any questions.

Usman Mirza video with the girl and boy is still the top thing in Pakistan. The debate around is a different thing but the yearning to get and watch that video is something else. Yes, some people are blaming the girl and some are condemning Usman but the consensus is that this is all due to the drifting away from our social and religious values. And yet everyone wants to watch that video. This is the height of hypocrisy and cannot be expressed in the words.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that apart from going crazy about the video like minions we should look into why this happened. I could think of following reasons:

  • People need entertainment especially our youth and they have no other option.
  • Lack of rule of law especially for the powerful and rich
  • Media consumption
  • Confusion about right and wrong
  • Clash of conservatives with the modernity

You are welcome to chip in with your own views about it. Tonight I am reminded of Shahzaib Khan who was murdered by Shahrukh Jatoi when the latter tried to harass Shahzaib’s sister as they returned home from their elder sister’s wedding. Shahrukh Jatoi is off death row today & therefore monsters like Usman Mirza still walk fearlessly. You feel outraged by Usman Mirza‘s act but many of you fail to to see their enablers. It’s your PMIK and Ansar Abbasi who perpetuate this stance that honor and privacy can only be offered to those who stay locked up in their house. What happened to this girl will be used to describe what can happen to you if you don’t confine yourself to your house. That is the implication they make every time they speak and we overlook it.

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