Mob kills a Leopard in Samani sector Bhimber Pakistan

Mob kills a leopard in Samani sector Bhimber Pakistan

According to sources a mob from surrounding villages of Samani Areas of District Bhimber, AJK,Pakistan killed a wild leopard in the early hours of this day. The wild leopard mauled no domestic animals. Poor animal only made the mistake of wandering into populated area for which it did not deserve the death penalty.

Look at there smug smiling faces thinking we are the superior species. They are so ignorant to understand that we need all life in order that we may survive. Time will run out before humans actually understand that fact. Who cares we human are superior in this planet and will destroy it. I am actually disgusted by seeing torture and killing of poor animals who has the same rights to leave in this planet. The time is near when no wild life will left on this planet and only humans will be there for humans.

This will never end unless Pakistan has education emergency! Yet another generation gets lost into darkness How sad & cruel ..the masters of Pakistan.. the Generals, Vaderas, landlords, Sardars, Chaudharys, Khanzadas don’t want Pakistani ppl to have any education. Animals don’t stand a chance in a World full of psychopaths ,humans who steal their habitats kill them for pleasure & trophies use their body parts for fake medicine & trinkets & destroy the environment just because they can, History will definitely not be kind to these monsters.

That’s what we do after occupying these animal’s territory. They are living here before us. The poor soul was after fold as we all are. Shame. I am absolutely devastated by this picture. Like killing this beautiful animal wasn’t enough for them, they had to tie him and put him on a show. Cruelty! Then they pose with the poor thing to make themselves look brave and macho ! Nothing but insignificant morons. There should be strict laws with implementation for these matters.

I am very very saddened and angry due to this.

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