Tamkinat Mansoor Viral Video and Profile Bold Interview

Tamkinat Mansoor Viral Video and Profile Bold Interview

Who is Tamkinat Mansoor and where is Tamkinat Mansoor family and why her marriage ended. Tamkinat Mansoor Viral Video and Profile Bold Interview has become the new sensation as she talks about taboo subjects without any shame or hesitation.

Tamkinat Mansoor has no filters and she has no barriers. She is limitless and out of bounds. She doesn’t care about any ethos or social restrictions. She talks on politics, beauty, intimate relationships, marriage, divorce, and every other sensitive topic out there without any hesitation. She also makes sure that she doesn’t hold anything back and she takes the male head on without any shambles or shackles. She also makes sure that she doesn’t crosses any red lines there though its borderline.

In the conservative society like Pakistan, this is actually quite surprising that Tamkinat Mansoor has survived so far. It is learned that her marriage broke up and she got divorce because her husband couldn’t take it anymore. Her husband was too timid and too conservative for her taste where she was like a tigress.

Tamkinat Mansoor herself has hinted in many interviews that her marriage and relationship was bound to break because she was too good for it and was way ahead of her time. Tamkinat Mansoor also admits that if she wanted she could save that relationship but she didn’t want to suffer through the life.

Well its her life and its her choice.

In many of the interesting videos out there she actually gives courage and a strong message to the girls of Pakistan. She through her comedy and bold statements tells them to be strong and to make sure that they don’t bow down to the pressures and traditional sanctions. Tamkinat Mansoor second marriage might happen in the future but don’t hold your breath for it.

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