Full Story of Quratulain Ainy and What Happened to Her

Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, mother of four young kids (the oldest aged 9 and the youngest aged 2), was brutally murdered by her husband, Umer Khalid Memon, in Barrage Colony, Hyderabad, Sindh on 15th July 2021.

Domestic violence causes far more pain than the visible marks of bruises and scars. It is devastating to be abused. Domestic violence needs to stop. A heart wrenching incident has happened in Hyderabad. Quratulain, a mother of 4 children was brutally murdered after being tortured by her husband. We request higher authorities to take strict action against murderer.

Pakistan is still facing domestic violence, it’s very horrible to know the murder of a young woman killed by her husband. Justice needs to be done in this case. Another day another atrocity, How long will we suffer this? What kind of creatures are they? This is why we need domestic violence. A woman died because of Domestic violence by her husband & shocking to see that Aurat March didn’t speak a single word yet, when it comes to oppressed people no one is ready to speak, the poor are always helpless under this system.

May Allah swt punish and humiliate the oppressors in this life and the next, aameen. May Allah swt rest her soul in eternal peace and grant her highest portions in Jannat ul firdous, may Allah swt protect her children from all harm and illnesses, aameen. There are laws passed to stop domestic violence against women but challenges remain in enforcing these laws, limiting women and girls’ access to safety and justice. Not enough is done to prevent violence, and when it does occur, it often goes unpunished. He must be punished.

Just so deeply heartbroken reading about this. With every passing day I’m losing my faith in marriages. May Allah rest her soul in peace. Remember that Man who shot the murderer of his son in front of the court when the victim was going for trial. Police was protecting the victim also. That’s the only way of getting justice in this country. I think your family is also responsible of this murder. When this psychopath was torturing your sister for about 7 years, what were you doing that time. Tearing now is not enough. Your family cant be forgotten at the moment. Sorry but this is truth.

Not acceptable! It’s a predicament state of affair – he should have just leave her if they have issue of alignment. Now the 4 kids ? What will they do? Police’s reluctance to take action at first is deplorable but now that the murderer is arrested after uproar on social media hope the family of victim won’t reconcile come what may & take the case to its logical conclusion by ensuring the killer gets maximum punishment.

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