Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video in London

Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video in London

Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video in London is not something to miss as this tells you the state of politics in Pakistan and abroad. Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video is available for download and can be viewed here if you want but you need to understand that the fissures run deep, very deep.

I stand with Abid Sher Ali. Enough is enough. has always been front line warrior of MNS. His bold character has always inspired me. I must say WELL DONE SIR. You did what they deserved. Once a thief is always a thief, Pakistani family do good to humiliate these theft publicly, but shame to PTI and its youthias for bringing embarrassment for the Pakistan. Dear all, I have been told that this Youthia UK variant name is Shahid Khan. The restaurant wants to report him to to the police for harassment and hooliganism in rules violation. Plz share it and recognise this person with name and contact details so we can assist the law enforcement.

PTI has made it a habit of insulting others in public places. Now it’s time to retaliate. 

Youthias talking about morals is sheer entertainment. Its like criminals talking about law n order, Firdous Ashiq Awan talking about Noise pollution and ARY talking about fake news. Well done abid Sher Ali this dirty yahoothia generation deserves to be dealt in this way. PTI youthia Shahid Khan crossed all the boundaries of decency; abusing a Abid family and friends family in the presence of minors and other women.

PTI’s policy of harnessing abusive language has a multi-tiered effect on Pakistan’s democratic progression, it’s sustainable developmental goals & society’s overall moral standards & capabilities. PM appoints officials on bases of insulting opponents and so PM should appoint personnel who can elevate Pakistanis to be self sufficient and above the poverty line. PM should talk about economic hardships, strengthening structures to allow growth instead He and his team are busy ridiculing opposition as their priority.

Imran Khan working for a second term in office instead of working towards Pakistan who he has so greatly derailed in his viciousness for Pakistan’s mother party PMLN. Beat PMLN in a political ring whose standards are of performance. Instead PM has set a example for political workers of PTI to follow him into falling from moral grace. This is a impact of a con-man hell bent on going to any lengths for his personal power.

Well done Abid Sher Ali.

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