Lara Mudhwal Death in Car Accident Balakot

Lara Mudhwal death in car accident balakot has shook the country. The profile of Lara Mudhwal is star-studded. She was not only a star model but also a star human being. Whoever knows her tells that she was always down to earth and this news has shattered many.

There has never been any scandal of Lara Mudhwal as she was always very decent. Her cat walks, advertisements, dramas, movies, dances everything was always full of decency and she was never gone astray ever unlike many of her competitors. She was educated and Laraib family is also very educated and graceful. Lara Mudhwal family is deeply saddened and my heart is broken after learning this tragic news and I still cannot believe this is true. Balakot accident of Lara Mudhwal is very shocking.

27-year-old fashion model Larib Madhuwal alias Lara Madhuwal from Lahore died in a traffic accident. Her friends are sharing the news on Instagram and other social media sites and every one is in shock and disbelief. According to a shared post, model Larib died in a car accident in Balakot. Police has also confirmed the news and so is the hospital. We tried to contact her friends and they have also confirmed it though they have not shared any further detail about this incident.

Lara was full of life and energy. She was the star of Lahore and was known all over the place due to her great art work. This sad and tragic Lara Mudhwal news on Eid has really broken my heart into thousand of pieces.

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