Shah Hussain Khadija Siddiqui Full Story Stabbing Case

Read here full story of Shah Hussain Khadija Siddiqui stabbing case with photos and video and you can know meaning of stabbing in Urdu. You would also be surprised to learn that there are so many people who are still defending this heinous and shameless and gruesome act.

In 2016 khadija siddiqui ,a law student was stabbed 23 times by his class fellow ,shah hussain .This is the repercussion of saying “NO”.This was a case of insistence and rejection .Why these egoistic souls can’t keep up with this rejection? He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment but he has been released by court after 3.5 years of imprisonment.

Why on earth has Shah hussain, the animal who stabbed #KhadijaSiddiqui 23 times with a knife been released after 3.5 years vs. the 5 year sentence he was given by the court? After this, a #ZahirJaffer in the body of Shah hussain is lurking around you, beware. 23 times released from jail after serving 3.5y against his 5y sentence .Can PTI explain how when Govt cant remit sentence without Khadija’s consent nor does he qualify for good behaviour release given conviction under 324PPC?

Nothing will get better until the judicial reforms. We must point out all the flaws in our justice system. We must understand how almost all the cases always destroy the victim because our system is designed to protect the elitist lot. I never had any hope. Shah Hussain was convicted under 324PPC. He cannot be released for good behaviour, etc. He doesn’t qualify. As per reports, his influential father threatened people back then.There was a lot of character assassination of Khadija too ‘shame’ her into giving up.

And some people are just too much by asking:

Why didn’t she say anything when she was harassed.
Why didn’t she go to police/court when she was beaten/stabbed.

I mean do you even understand the meaning of harassment? The Battle Khadija Siddiqui fought for whole 3 freaking years, the same case when she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend went into vain, yes ladies and gentlemen that psychopath is set free.

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