Buy the Phone Which You Can Afford

Do’t get entangled into the rat race. Only buy what you can afford and that holds true for the phones too. Yes smart phone is a necessity now and if you don’t have one then you are dysfunctional in today’s time no matter what you do or where you live. You have to have one. 

But you don’t have to or need to buy the latest and greatest gadget. Just buy any recent one which you can easily afford. If you can buy it without credit all the best, but if you can buy it on installments which you can afford easily month by month, then that’s the way to go. The best way is to set aside monthly money for the next couple of years so that you could boy the new one when the time comes and you might be able to buy more powerful one. Few year old iPhone or android phones are just as good as new ones and they look like the same very soon.

I purchased iPhone 7 last year. Yes, you read that right. It was already v old. However, it was within my budget and I really needed an iPhone to make content. Android sucks, big time. And honestly I was v happy w the purchased because I bought it from my own money. When you buy something from your own hard earned money only then you’ll know the worth of an item. The Ecstasy you get from holding your own thing without any debt is simply out of this world.

Although I bought all other phones w my own money too but for iPhone it was different because it’s a step ahead and expensive. Anyway, when I happily posted about getting it people asked me, which one did you get? iPhone 7, I said. They legit laughed, every other person. Yes, they were my friends. They laughed saying 7 is v old, who buys that now? I should’ve gotten a new model. It killed my happiness bec tf are you paying for a latest one? No, right? When I’ve gotta pay I’ll get what’s within my budget also the phone was working fine till this year. I updated, alhamdulilliah. It’s still not iPhone 11 or 12, but an upgrade from what I had. You know what did I realise?

‘Log apke khushi mein khush nae hote hain’.

People do that for a purpose even if they are your friends, maybe they don’t get the worth of buying something from your own money. And before you come over saying this tweet is done from aNdRoId. I have 2 phones. People killed happiness of my lil achievement and it was enough for me to understand how messed up the society is. Yaar kia ho gaya if someone purchased something that isn’t a latest model? You should be proud of yourself, those who flex on others achievements and money are worthless really at the end of day.

This is a sad reality of the society. How come a daddys boy know about the Happiness and self satisfaction of being financial independent. You are great and better than many out there. Grind for your own happiness. Share it with who appreciate. In professional life, nobody cares which phone or model you have. I have worked for a renowned company and attended top management meetings with a broken Xiaomi mobile. I always put my phone on table. Nobody makes fun of it.


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