E 11 Flood Video and Photos Islamabad Cloud burst

E 11 Flood Video and Photos Islamabad Cloud burst

Following are the latest and updated E 11 flood video and photos Islamabad cloud burst. Let me first explain what exactly is cloud burst or Cloudburst and then you can watch live video below. Cloud burst in Urdu is that ‘Nami ki miqdar mein izafa’ or in other simple terms it means that precipitation increases and in short amount of time large rain happens.

Sector E-11 is managed by private housing society MPCHS Islamabad. Thy must pay now residents for damage after Rain. This is what happens when we build houses in nature’s way. Paani ke raastay main ghar bana diay humne. This pic was shared 3 months ago, cleaning of nullah (bhall Safai) should have been completed (started) by now. yes.. our office is there.. there was a newly open mart at basement.. every thing was floating over there in morning… and it was only army who came for help.

There 4 Cooperative societies in E-11, MPHS is the one who managed its area well, 2nd is Police Foundation, others are Progressive Citizen and Doctors Society, Problem is in those areas, they didn’t leave space for parks, no appropriate rain water draining system. There are a number of societies in E-11. MPCHS, National Police Foundation (NPF), Federal Services Housing Society, Doctors Society and some more I guess. Illegal developments must be demolished in sectors like this n others, they are the main cause of this . Current situation in the capital of Pakistan. (Urban flooding).


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