Full Real Story of Mehrooz Waseem and Usman Mukhtar

Hot Mehrooz Waseem and equally hot Usman Mukhtar’s sizzling story has taken social media in it’s tight grip. There is no dearth of spice and here is the full real story of Mehrooz Waseem and Usman Mukhtar where allegations are being hurled left, right and center.

So who is Mehrooz Waseem and what has she done to Usman Mukhtar? You can also download and listen to Mehrooz Waseem voice recordings with Usman Mukhtar and a video is also circulating of Mehrooz. There are some modelling and dance stuff making rounds too. The game is certainly on.

Mehrooz Waseem is a famous digital artist and has been posting her work on social media and lots of websites. She has got looks and talents but recently she has been in the grips of some scandals regarding her friend Usman Mukhtar. Mehrooz says that she is the real victim and as a proof she has shared voice notes calling out Usman Mukhtar. Remember that Usman has been accusing her for sometime about online harassments and bullying but Mehrooz has negated that.

Usman has said and accused the artist of harassment and bullying and he says that she is dangerous though very pretty. Mehrooz says that Usman might be very popular and a star and got fame from being Janaan actor but his allegations are rubbish and she then also shared voice recordings. She has been asking tough questions about it and also questioning the integrity of media which is giving him lots of credibility and not listening to her.

The whole fight between Mehrooz Waseem and Usman Mukhtar seems to be around copyrights of digital media and some hot photos. “Here’s him (Usman Mukhtar) threatening me to take off a BTS photo I had on my Instagram that he never told me not to use. I used it because he never made the promotional material he promised he would. Prior to this he had added Hammad Hanfi’s name to the credits list himself. It was his photo he wanted me to remove in which only his back was visible.”” she said in her social media message.


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