Top 15 Restaurants in Islamabad Updated List

Following is the updated and latest list of Top 15 Restaurants in Islamabad for this year. We have taken extra care to compile this list. Feel free to chip in with your suggestions or if you feel that we missed any hotel or dhabba or any street joint as we also value your contribution here.

  1. Khabby ki Sajji
  2. Ginyaki
  3. Two Broke Engineers
  4. Khiva
  5. Cafe Behbud
  6. Chalet Cafe
  7. BBQ Bazar
  8. Khaba By Nauman Masood
  9. Habibi F8
  10. Khyber Shinwari G9
  11. Kim Mun
  12. The Monal Islamabad
  13. Atrio
  14. Tuscany
  15. Street 1

This is a list of restaurants I liked based on my own experience of eating there. I am not:

  • Forcing you to eat there
  • Saying you should follow my opinion like a Fatwah
  • Going to change my opinion about these
  • Saying that I tried every single restaurant in Islamabad

I visited 35-40 restaurants in the last 2 weeks. I am confident 80% of the people will agree. I live in Islamabad but working in Lahore from past 6 years. Food in Lahore is the best and affordable as compared to the quality of food in Islamabad.

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