What Sadaf Kanwal Said on Twitter to Spark Controversy

Sadaf Kanwal marriage to the son of Behroz Sabzwari was always a news and a matter of great interest to the drama lovers in Pakistan but the recent event has lit a new thing. What Sadaf Kanwal said on Twitter to spark controversy about husband and marriage is very interesting.

Sadaf Kanwal said, “Our Culture is Our Husband.”

Now that’s her opinion may be but hasn’t been taken lightly in Pakistan.  The funny thing is that it has divided the conservatives and liberals very clearly. You ought to hear the replies and responses from both sides and sit back, relax and enjoy. You don’t get to get such enjoyment every day in the Pakistan which is such a boring place.

I Respect this Lady , Who Respect their Husband , And I support their statement , Such women are the crown of our society, More Power to You lady. Why desi liberals & feminists are burning after statement of Sadaf Kanwal. Do fear of Allah at all times. It doesn’t take long for time to change. Look at how this brother was dancing a while ago and how he is standing helpless when he is caught by Allah.

I do have same thoughts i will make him my crown and be his queen. Everyone is free to carry their relationship as they want too. Sadaf Kanwal is a female version of great Khalil u Rehman Qamar. Your choice of words says a lot about your personality, i’ m not expecting this way. May be you are trying to just gain some publicity but who knows then.

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