Immunization Certificate for Covid-19 NADRA

The process of obtaining immunization certificate for Covid-19 NADRA in Pakistan is easy and the processing fee is Rs. 160. The time frame is also very quick and you can obtain that online or from any branch of NADRA.

Why isn’t downloading the covid vaccination certificate free? I don’t know what world people in the replies live in, first of all, in a country where people regularly get paid below the minimum wage, something as basic as a vaccine certificate should be free of charge esp if the government plans to make it a pre-req to basic services.

Secondly those saying I’m some lazy fuck who can’t download a certificate. First of all, this isn’t about me. And even if it were I don’t have a credit card because my bank thinks an unmarried woman makes me a credit risk. I can borrow a card but why is this a requirement in a Country where most people don’t have a bank account, women particularly!

Again I cannot believe this has to be said. Government shouldn’t be making a business out of it. Even the procedure to pay Rs.100 is undoable, wish there was easypesa or mobicash facility. There is another option besides the card as well and I am forgetting that. Oh it’s e-sahulat. I pay taxes but this isn’t about me, it’s about fairness, if the certificate is going to become a prerequisite for access to services then it’ll discriminate against people who don’t have a credit card or are getting paid the minimum wage or below it.

Proof could be obtained through sms at 1166 and is acceptable at almost all places. Thanks, I didn’t know that (like many others). just checked it’s working and it’s showing the dates. some problem in my mother’s record as I am still receiving Msgs for vaccination (she has been vaccinated but her record isn’t Entered). You can also just get a message of proof from 1166 for free if you can’t afford/don’t have resources for downloading the certificate.

There is also the free option of texting 1166 with your CNIC. Which makes me wonder why we even need a verification to begin with. I think it’s just for people travelling or those who really want it. Otherwise the vaccination card works just as well. Also, sometimes the website randomly stops working. For people saying they ‘easily’ managed to pay it the first time, I tried it once for myself and it worked fine. And when I tried for my husband it wouldn’t accept the same card, on the same day no matter how many times we tried.

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