Is Ocean of Games Legal in Pakistan and India?

Is Ocean of Games Legal in Pakistan and India?

I am glad that you asked that is ocean of games legal in Pakistan and India. This is becoming part of discussion is quite encouraging as not many people care about the implications. Here is the sweet and simple answer: No.

If you are not paying for any copy-righted material then yes it’s illegal. It’s as simple as that. Online piracy is illegal too and Pakistan has strict laws around them. It’s not just limited to ocean of games but also all the other online gaming sites in Pakistan or India or elsewhere. If you are downloading and uploading any material without the consent of the developer or creator then it’s illegal and immoral and shouldn’t be done.

Just think for a minute that if you have worked hard to create a digital game and you have put in months and months of effort, time and money and you are hoping to earn your living by selling it and then you came to know that already millions of people have downloaded and played it for free from ocean of games or a similar site then how gut-wrenched and bad you would feel. It feels and sounds like unjustified and it is.

And trust me these digital media and digital games are very cheap and everyone can afford them. You can even play trial version for free so why steal them? That hurts the developer and it also hurts the digital economy globally. It reduces the jobs and it hurts businesses. It discourages innovation and it just aids the criminals out there. Governments all over the world take this so seriously so you should be aware of it.

I know that there is a group or cult who think that there is nothing like digital or online piracy and everything is a game out there. These people think that there is nothing wrong with software piracy. They believe in the freedom of information and expression. That is so wrong on so many fronts. The implications are far reaching. There is actually no rhetoric around it and I am not trying to be self-righteous here but just making a fair point.

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  1. I am from India
    please tell me
    if i buy it GTA 5 from local market in 50 rupees
    So will this also be called piracy?

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