Video of Bhong Mandir Attack in Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan

Bhong Mandir Attack Video in Pakistan


“DPO Rahim Yar Khan has reached on spot. Strict legal action will be taken against all involved”. yeah just like you did with the rioters who burnt the temple few months ago? Minority hindus were forced to go for a compromise but its OK as I have no sympathies with minorities living there as they choose their fate on 15.08.1947.

I read the comments of Indians and I am very sorry that there used to be an Hindustan and this is the India of Modi

and RSS.India is not really a place to live for conscious and logical people at all. We are slowly moving away from Zia-ul-Haq theocracy to towards enlightenment. We Pakistanis at least believe that the situation of our minorities in Pakistan is not satisfactory But there is hope that our nation is moving in the right direction People admit their mistakes at the government level and at the public level.And there are voices for the rights.

In the subcontinent, both Hindu and Muslim nations are mired in extreme religious extremism. This incident happened in Pakistan All Muslims strongly condemn it Islam does not allow this at all and the Holy Qur’an has clear instructions in this regard۔ These are some of the mischievous elements who are far from being guided .All humanitarians and believers in religious tolerance in Pakistan are deeply saddened.

This is wrong and it has strict punishment, top police officials already taken action and visited spot, these people will be surely punished for this henious crime. Population exchange is only the solution and more over eight UNSC our India is the chief hope they will raise the issue. Ganesh Temple, village Bhong in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab has been ravaged. Another day, another attack on Hindus in Pakistan.

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