Haq Nawaz The Street Singer of Pakistan

Pakistan has produced so many gems and Haq Nawaz is one of them. A fan of Udit Narrayan and Muhammad Rafi, Haq Nawaz is a prodigy. A street singer in Pakistan surprises every passerby in F 9 park park with his voice copying legendary Muhammad Rafi and Kishor Kumar.

His channel name is Muhammad Rafi copy and he does sing other singers too. In this case, dear sir, copying legendary Kishore Kumar not legendary M. Rafi sahib. A good effort, yet doesn’t come close to the unreachable mark. He is copying kishor kumar not Muhammad rafi and an excellent attempt. Coke Studio Pakistan should groom this singer. However, how beautifully he’s singing this beautiful song must be appreciated. This man has sung it to the perfection. Great voice. The song was originally sung by Kishore Kumar, filmed on Rajesh Khanna.

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