Bold Photoshoot in Islamabad – Who is Girl and Boy

Who are the girl and boy in the bold photoshoot in Islamabad? The location of the bold photoshoot seems to be the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad which is a heritage site. Now obscenity & obscenity are being presented as a beautiful civilization that the majority of human beings are beginning to consider it a part of their culture & traditions. And that’s why people don’t think immorality is evil. And I am not sure what to make out of it.

I want to donate my eyes after seeing this pics like with is wrong with that guy just look at him. British would also not do such a fashion. Religion is a choice of individual. If you want to follow then you are free to follow. Don’t wage war on others. And who are we to decide after all. Being modern comes from the mind and from education. Do we have any cultural identity left? Why it is so important to dress like west? Human rights organizations have exposed humanity and women to the market. This sort of inappropriate dressing is now being promoted in the name of fashion.

Its my own personal opinion, Fashion when abused and used with obscenity will result to vulgarity. However, only 77 of the accused have been convicted which comprises 0.3 per cent of the total figure, reported Geo News. And they think that if they don’t wear extravagant clothes (in which they are half naked), they will not be called advanced, enlightened. Rather, they will be counted in the old class.

This should be the last such move in Pakistan. Be like a diamond precious & Rare . Not like a stone found everywhere. The clothes that she would have been wearing for the night till tomorrow, keeping in mind that the children are also grown up in the house, lest they suddenly catch their eye. A nation can’t live who ignore its moralities. Now, thanks to this fashion, the younger generation. It is difficult to decide whether it is male or female. Boy or girl. Girls wear pants shirts, joggers, boy hair style and bangles. Make, decorate earrings, seem to beat the delicate gender. We Pakistanis have talent. Talent does not need props like vulgarity to come in lime light.

Our media is the biggest culprit and source of this obscenity, cultural depravity, fashion and weird content in our society, including magazines and newspapers, newspapers, private TV channels, movies and dramas. How is the propaganda of obscenity being spread? Raise your voice against this flood of obscenity before this flood of obscenity and obscenity sweeps away our homes and our honor. And that what matters.


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