Gay Pride Flag in Karachi Pakistan

Gay Pride Flag in Karachi Pakistan

Vulgarity is pervading society but except shrugging shoulders,we don’t feel need of doing something to set matters right,malaise is seeping into the roots of the society,new age fashion has hypnotized the young generation. Hello the house owner didn’t know about the type of flag , his servant brought it with Pakistan national flag and put it there. He has removed it now worth regrets and has taken appropriate action.

This is a house in DHA. When travel on from that area someone caught it and then made a video of it and then posted it on the social media and now it has gone viral. The video is unclear, there is no indication regarding location or purpose so can’t comment. Did police take action? This is against Pakistani law. Should’ve arrested miscreants. This LGBT flag is reportedly hoisted in Karachi. Please take action immediately.

Government is silence because with loan they also buy and signed not to object this kind of activities. I know that everyone has the right to do whatever they want but then there are some limits or taboos.


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