Who Are Mr and Mrs Sohaib and What They Have Done

Who Are Mr and Mrs Sohaib and What They Have Done

Everyone on social media is asking as who is Mr adn Mrs Sohaib and what they have done in Northern areas of Pakistan to be blasted away by many who love their country and landscape.

A humble request to Mr and Mr.s Sohaib please don’t ever visit this place again unless you learn basic ethics and manners. Very uncivilised bustle to wall chalk the unspoilt Khunejrab ambience. Good for that loud mouth ‘Mr. & Mrs Shoib’ to visit this majestic place. So do thousands every year, but do not pollute surroundings. Wondering, how soon will those dingy signs take to vanish. The idea is not bad I think, tourism departments can have a board or something where people leave a mark/signature of their visit. They will look for it if they visit again.

Actually they should be contacted and invited back to all these points and made to clean up this mess. Absolutely. The ones who create a of this kind of mess should be punished with community service. Such guilty folks should be forced by law to clean up the mess and their identity revealed to the public. Disgusting pair. This is not the lingo that Mr and Mrs Shoaib would ever understand. You have to come out in your thait Punjabi to have an impact.

This is from October 2017. Its negligence of the local government for not cleaning it in all those years. It’s the same picture! It must have been cleaned by now. I recently visited wadi jinn in madinah. There You find Pakistani flag on the mountains and names of our great explorers. Looks so embarrassing. Famous destination for Pakistanis and Indians. No other makhlooq dare to go there.

So maybe u don’t know, but this horrible graffiti was done by Mr Bilal & Mr Usman-both supposed friends of Mr Sohaib. It was done to get Mr Sohaib & his wife in trouble, as a prank and also to get them badduaein. It was very carefully carried out troll and prank. It was also in ummat newspaper. If this wall is filled by such marks, it would get famous and attract tourism. People would try best to reach this spot to engrave their name too. This happens in number of countries and become a tag of history. We should not blame the couple or their up bringing. Lets be fair.

What if another Mr and Mr.s Shoaib of their own kind visit this place and urinate their names like mostly such people do in metropolitan cities. How would they feel if they are informed someone urinated their name. Disgusting, lack of basic education. Should be traced and asked to come at own expenses and clean it up. Should be zero tolerance on it. Now foreign tourists are coming in big number what impressions we giving to them.

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