A Levels to MCAT to MBBS Troubles in Pakistan

A Levels to MCAT to MBBS Troubles in Pakistan

Someone who is 21 right now, did alevels 3 times yet couldn’t score the best, taking the mcat 4th time this year, who is still trying & not in university, I became so mentally disturbed and lost control over my emotions but made it out alive and still trying again and again so can you got into med school on conditional basis and it made me feel like I finally made it but they can kick me out anytime because I scored below the required mcat score, after studying for 8 months in first year of med school im still going through the same thing again it hurts, please pray for me.

Anyway, i hope one day I can proudly call myself a doctor one day because I’ve never seen anyone work this hard for it and I will always love myself for not giving up & regretting later on 3 don’t give up guys life’s too short keep working for your life goals and aspirations. If you do that then you’re most probably going to be one of the best doctors of your batch just because of this undying motivation and hard work.

Now the question Is this undying motivation or lack of concentration syndrome coupled with incompetency? She is competent solely on the fact that she is a hard-worker who never gives up. its not your grades but your attitude that will get you far in life. khair you are just some frustrated troll. I hope u get what u want. Sister, I cleared MDCAT but couldn’t make it to a med school so there were 2 options for me either relive that trauma or treat myself with something else. Obviously. I was disheartened to the core that I thought this is the end but then i realized it wasn’t.

The point is, Med school main “MBBS” hi sab kuch nahi hai. There are many doctors who are jobless just like engineers. Majority mulk chorh k bahir bhi ja rahay hain. Always choose a 2nd option for yourself. In my case, my 2nd option was to be selected in PAF. Either it was via aeronautical engineering or as a Physiotherapist. I chose what I thought will be the best. So I’m becoming a PT. Life is too short to ‘waste’ it over something.

Jo ap k naseeb main hai woh mil k rahay ga.



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